1995 Buick Riviera Coupe 3.8 supercharged from North America


Nice design, poor GM quality and engineering


1 owner car, had the computer fail, the vibration dampener, and both fuel lines above the exhaust manifold have sprung leaks, very dangerous fire hazard, also air suspension is currently giving me problems.

General Comments:

Hard to believe the fuel lines wouldn't fall under a recall as well as the dampener. I wouldn't recommend this model.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2009

24th Sep 2009, 17:46

You bought this car in 1995 with 50,000 miles??

1995 Buick Riviera 3.8L from North America


Excellent looks and power on tap


Needed a set of tires up front - $85.

Needs a small dent pulled and the chrome fender trim replaced on one fender.

General Comments:

This car is well designed and smooth as silk going down the road. All the power I need when I need it, and conservative with the fuel when I take it easy.

Dual climate controls, like the ones in this Buick, should be standard equipment on ALL cars. My wife and I always need something different.

Beautiful car!

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Review Date: 25th June, 2008

1995 Buick Riviera 2dr Coupe SC 3.8L supercharger from North America


I just bought this remarkable automobile, a Buick Riviera that has 3.8L supercharger.

I bought it from a car auction. I fell in love with that car right away. I didn't look at the odometer; my wife was mad at me, as it has 242,444 miles.

I tell you it rides smooth. The only thing it needs is a head gasket, and the supercharger makes a noise, but a friend of mine got a Pontiac Grand Prix with same engine platform, and he told me that's normal; after while the supercharger makes sounds. I checked the supercharger oil and it's OK.

I used to own a Ford Mustang V6; everything went wrong it.

I had never owned a GM Chevy car, but I know now Chevy GM is better than a Ford. Ford are money pit; I'll never own a ford again.

I can't believe the car experts say bad things about the 95 Buick Riviera. When I check the reviews for the Riviera, the Riviera is a top of the line car, not to mention the interior is classic, looks roomy, and the powerful 3.8L engine.

What killed the Riviera was the price. I can't believe Buick quit making the 95 model Riviera, as it's such a nice car for its time.

I'm the look out for a 99 Riviera; the last Riviera ever built. Series 2 is super. Respectable Buick history behind it.

General Comments:

Unbelievable Buick creation. More than 10 years since the 95 debuted in production, the Buick Riviera is a head of its time.

The Riviera is a nice car. It was aiming at the Mercedes CLK, the Cadillac STS, and the Acura and Lexus 300SC. Buick held it strong in competing with adversaries.

What a car mine is. 13 years old and I still get compliments on it.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2008

28th Apr 2009, 10:57

I just bought another Buick Riviera, color black, 166000 miles on it, owned by an old person.

The supercharger was replaced in 2001. I bought for 1200 and it drives like dream.

My previous Riviera, I sold to friend of mine and it now has 263,000, still pushing. Now tell me if you see a Ford running with that many miles, I don't think so.

Ask if I'll buy another Buick Riviera, yes, as long as they're out there, I'll continue to buy them. Low cost to repair versus Cadillac. I just love these Riviera cars.

21st May 2015, 20:02

I'm just wondering where the "like" button is on your Ford comments...

1995 Buick Riviera Coupe 3.8L MFI from North America


The designers of this car went out on a whim for something beautiful, and new, they succeeded!


Factory CD player doesn't work. Gets eRR as an error message when tries to play a cd. I ordered a new one, it should be here shortly.

General Comments:

I originally had a 1988 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham with 16,000 miles on it. I know about class. Personally, this car keeps up the standard. Its large, powerful and moderately fuel efficient. I drove from Brunswick Ohio, to Columbus Ohio with the cruise set at 60 MPH the whole way there. It only consumed 3.2 Gallons of gasoline and the trip was about 123 miles total. That's GREAT gas mileage, granted it was only doing 1500 RPM while doing it. If you keep your foot out of it, its not painful to the pocket book. Routine maintenance makes this car VERY reliable. No car is going to run for a super long time without TLC.

The interior is spectacular! I love the way the gauges look. They retain an older style look with a modern feel. The leather is very supple. At 75000 miles there aren't any tears or fading or even any sign of thinning out. The ride of this vehicle is far above average. Its like floating on air. With a 3800 engine, its got superb acceleration. The way the transmission is set up really utilizes the engines powerzones and allows for on the fly reflex. The steering is heavenly. There is a mechanism that works in conjunction with the steering pump that makes the steering super easy at low to stopped speeds and it stiffens up for more control at higher speeds. Has great air-ride suspension. I don't have the Supercharged version, but I can't imagine any MORE horsepower! The body is sleek and free flowing. The way the lines flow from headlights to tail lights is amazing. Sure, it takes a special person to truly admire this car, but believe me, if you ever rode in one or had the chance to own one, you'd never want anything else. I had a pontiac Fiero before this. I loved my fiero to death, but there are some things more practical to own. hats off to the Riviera's designers for their ingenuity, and sense of style. This car truly is concept car caliber. As its old slogan went "Its the concept car you can park in your driveway" and in a world polluted with drab square style, and boring overused bodies, this car truly stands out in a crowd.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2006