1993 Buick Roadmaster Sedan 5.7 TBI from North America


Big girl, you are beautiful


Heater core started leaking at 61,000 miles

Water pump failed at 64,000 miles

Keyless entry receiver failed prior to owning the car.

General Comments:

I purchased my 1993 Roadmaster sedan from a good friend who moved from Florida to Mississippi. This is the first car I have ever owned, and I got to experience it as a passenger first. I purchased this beauty in October 2007. When I first bought it, the heater core was leaking coolant into the cabin and the keyless entry was not working. Both items have since been replaced.

This car was near immaculate condition. It was owned by an old lady from Nebraska, who then moved to Misssippi. She never drove the car, as my friend purchased it in summer 2006 at 39,000 miles. The car is powerful despite not having the Corvette version of the 5.7. It is also the first car I have ever driven that does not make me tired after a long trip; it is just that comfortable! The interior is in great condition and what you'd expect in a Buick - plushy and pillowy.

There are a few bugs, as it is a 15 year old vehicle - the rubber trim fell off one of the doors, and two of the plastic interior panels are loose at the top. There are a couple of exterior spots where the finish is not completely perfect. The trunk also leaks when there is a heavy rain. Again, most of this is expected for a 15 year old car.

My Roadmaster is a big girl with curves in all the right places. Despite my sometimes rough driving, it still handles decently. Some say it looks like a bloated whale, but it's beautiful to me. I suspect a lot of people behind me in traffic expect a blue haired granny to be behind the wheel, but are surprised when I pass them with my lead foot!

I was apprehensive about buying a 15 year old car (and also since it's my first car), but I'm completely satisfied with my Roadmaster. If you take care of it, it will take care of you.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2008

9th May 2008, 18:43

And why not? I am 23 and don't exactly drive my Park Avenue like a blue hair. The car has 140,000 miles and the transmission etc. still function as they should. Buicks are some of the best cars you can buy.

11th May 2008, 15:58

You are a lucky person for finding such a low mileage Roadmaster. I test drove a 96 wagon with the lt1 with 314,000 miles and the dealer still wanted damn near 5 grand. It started smoking during the test drive, so obviously I didn't buy it. Since then I've looked all over for an affordable one. Not as a daily driver (at 3.79 and climbing) but just to have. Now with Toyota recalling my Tacoma I'm pressed to find something.

1993 Buick Roadmaster 350 from North America


Best car I ever owned


Alternator at 110K.

Radiator at 90K.

Changed water pump at 90K also.

Steering box at 125K

Changed to HD Police shocks at 35K and 110K. Side moulding peeled off, so I just took them all off and polished the stainless. Looks great.

Steering got loose so I changed steering box, drag link, tie rods, ball joints, idler arm, roll bar bushings, stabilize pins. This turned it into a new handling vehicle.

Preventive Maint.

Changed front wheel bearings.

Oil and filter every 4,000


My vehicle is a sleeper... I keep it in perfect shape. Everything works great.

General Comments:

Yes, I purchased this car from a little old lady. It was 6 years old and had 32K miles. I was doing a lot of traveling to NJ and FL and was tired of getting pounded to death.

I was right!!! It is a dream on a trip. Drive on cruise 6 hours in the big plush cloth seats and don't even feel it. Surprisingly solid and tight to the road vehicle. Power to spare! I love it! Quick off the line and power for PA hills. I have blown off many a fancy-schmancy car.

This vehicle will do 80 MPH at 1950 rpm forever... and get 22.8 mpg on level to Florida. It is not even breathing heavy. I can do 110 and it is rock solid.

Cons: For as large as it it, it does not have great legroom. A tall passenger's knees will touch the glove box. Little room in rear. Trunk is huge...4 bodies at least.

When the boys drive to Florida, they all volunteer to pay for gas if we take my Buick. The strongest, most reliable car I ever owned. It's dated, but so am I. I am 65.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2005