27th Nov 2004, 16:32

Water pumps, wheel bearings, batteries, cables and alternators are all regular maintenence items and should be checked regularly. A transmission also cannot be expected to last more than 100,000 miles without a rebuild, anything more is a testiment to those who built it.

If you can't deal with a car that needs to be worked on, go out and lease a brand new car. Or perhaps you should learn how to work on cars, getting your hands dirty is fun.

17th Apr 2006, 23:24

Love my 94 sedan with 155k on it it runs like a scalded dog, just put 1300 in it for fuel pump,water pump (free) and 900 dollar ignition work... the lt1 is an awesome engine, but the ignition system is very expensive... now cuts out entirely every so often.. usually on my way to work and the dealer can find no problems... probably the distributor... another $1000 I don't have so mine has to go... but I hate to see it,

8th Dec 2006, 14:17

I have a 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood (same chassis and drivetrain as Buick Roadmaster), and I am starting to suspect the transmission might be going. Its got 91,000 miles on it, and it seems to be getting a bit sluggish in locating gears.

While I love the car and will certainly pay for whatever repair is needed to keep it on the road, I have to admit that the transmissions used in the B-Body and D-Body cars are well-known for being junk. The local police department used to change out the gearboxes in their Caprices at least once every 30,000-50,000 miles or so. Its just something you need to expect from one of these cars as the mileage starts to get up there. My other care is a Volvo 940 with 120,000 miles on it, runs like a top with the original automatic shifting smoothly, while my brother has an old Mercedes W123 with 240,000 on it, also on its original gearbox. 100,000 miles is not an acceptable lifespan for a transmission, GM really let down these fantastic car designs by letting this one substandard, yet essential component through the factory gates.

15th Mar 2007, 16:57

I am driving a 94 Buick Roadmaster with a LT1 engine. Great car it has 220k miles and not much has been done on the engine. I love this car however it is now running hot and we can't figure out what is going on. Do you have any suggestions?

We were having a problem with the cutting out when the engine was pulling and when you were stepping on it to get out of traffic. New plugs were put in cost was over $300. then we took it to another mechanic. who advised it might be the transmission. It was then taken to another Mechanic. who put new plug wires on and stopped that problem completely with a cost of $150. The first mechanic said it didnot need plug wires,that those checked out fine.

8th Jun 2009, 18:22

Well you could have tried looking after it and basic maintenance... that always helps. Things like not putting your foot to the floor all the time, and letting it warm up and plugging it in on colder days always help too.

The Lawmaker.

3rd Feb 2010, 18:39

I have a 94 Roadmaster with 170,000 miles on it. I have had to fix an oil leak above where the oil filter screws in. Other than that, I see I will be needing to replace simple ball joints and such on the front suspension cause it pulls to the right. It's a good car period. Not much maintenance, but I see when it does happen it will be expensive with the ignition, etc...

27th Apr 2011, 18:34

I'm thinking of buying one this weekend. It has 140k miles and he wants 2k for it.

What should I look for while testing it and how easy are the repairs on this vehicle?

Please respond.