30th Aug 2001, 21:28

Aftermarket throttle body, exhaust work.. Fuel additives (I call them car vitamins). Get Hot Rod magazine, that will give you ideas. Also try hotter spark plugs and perhaps aftermarket fuel injectors. Do whatever you can to eliminate bottlenecks in the injector rail. And then.. you could always add a couple turbochargers ;) But keep in mind: if you get that engine to kick out more horsepower, you have to pay attention to your driveline.. It would suck to blow your transmission apart.

Soon I will be getting one of these cars.. I will be trading in my beautiful '97 F150.. We have a kid on the way and it would be too difficult to load the kid into the back seat.. It will be hard to part with my truck and I don't prefer Chevys, but I've always wanted a Roadmaster. They are simply the best full size car ever, by anyone.

29th Oct 2002, 20:12

Listen to me... have both a 1992 (1991) and a 1994 Roadmaster. Properly equipped, the 1992 is an excellent car - (get the trailer towing option, which includes upgraded tires, suspension, etc.)

However, the '94 is in a different league altogether. Looks and rides like a limo, but goes like the Starship Enterprise in Warp speed 9 when you give it the gas. It's the ultimate Q-ship, for half the price of those Impala SS's around.

Hate to spoil the secret, but it's cheap on gas, insurance, and will shut down almost anything you want to humiliate.

29th Oct 2002, 20:25

Mandatory to replace shocks with top grade replacements - I put on Bilsteins (OEM's for Mercedes) and the handling/comfort was dramatically improved. (Plus the estimated life is 100,000 miles).

Put in the K/N filter, but in my humble opinion, did nothing to add to the performance.

Final tip: get 4 Winter tires if you are in a Northern area - the security/handling benefits are dramatic. (I have Goodyear Ice - I kept going when 4-wheel drives were flipped in the ditch.

Minnesota Driver.

12th Dec 2002, 15:19

I have a 1994 Roadmaster runs like a dream. The only things that I've add to my superman are a pair of performance mufflers which seems to give me that extra little kick. I recently pulled up to a 93 mustang 5.0 and was amazed at how far behind me he was when I checked my rear view mirror. What a great car. Too bad they stopped making them. Maybe we should ask them to make a newer on with same engine.

Roadie Owner From Maryland.

9th Jun 2009, 18:07

I own six of these cars, two wagons (96 & 92) and four sedans two 92s a 93 and a 96. The way I see it if I'm going to have one to the day I die I'm going to have to have a few around. The 96 wagon the 96 sedan and the 93 sedan have LT 1 engines, the rest are all 92s with standard V8.

I am in love with the comfort and economy of these cars and also wish that they were still built as I would love to have a new one.

One thing I have noticed from having several (I also junked a 92) is that all of the 92s have some sort of glitch between the dome lamp, door locks and the brake lights. If you stop to look at a map in the dark with the car in gear, your foot on the brake and the dome light on, the door locks will keep trying to pop up, all my 92s do this.