2005 Buick Terraza CLX 3.5 from North America


Dependable van



Catalytic converter.

Wheel sensor.


General Comments:

I really like like this van. It’s comfortable and we really haven’t had a reason to complain. When you buy a used vehicle, you don’t know how the person before you treated it, so I have a hard time rating some things. The transmission went out at 125,000 miles, but hey it was a used car. We’ve driven it from Ohio to Washington DC and from Ohio to Florida with 3 adults and 3 kids in it, and it got 24-26 MPG on Shell gas. I don’t know why people are getting 20 MPG. I wish they still made them. It drives nice; it isn’t fast, but has smooth and sufficient acceleration. The TV/DVD system is nice to have, and it’s quiet inside so you don’t have to have the sound blaring to hear it.

It is nicely styled and good in the snow. The seats are extremely comfortable. We drove all the way to Florida from Ohio and felt good getting out. I think this is a good car and I wish GM still made them. I think people need to remember the mileage and age of vehicles when doing these reviews.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2018

2005 Buick Terraza CXL 3.5 from North America


There is a reason this vehicle only lasted 3 years


Wheel bearings every 25,000 miles.

Passenger car sized brakes on a 4600lb vehicle don't last.

Headlights flicker.

The biggest complaint is the lack of power. This is the most underpowered vehicle I've ever driven. Put 5 people and some gear in it and it's almost comical. It cannot maintain a steady 70 with any kind of hill. I do get 20 MPG highway as it constantly tries to figure out which gear to be in on cruise control, which isn't bad all things considered. All the bells and whistles work. AWD works great in the snow (when it works that is. Wheel bearing failure takes out the ABS, which takes out the AWD).

General Comments:

There is no way anyone test drove this vehicle or designed it sober.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2017

27th Jun 2017, 21:24

Or could it be that the Terraza was dropped because minivan sales had long been in decline by 2007, and GM decided to drop the U-body lineup entirely?

You claim no one could have possibly test drove a Terraza, yet you purchased one. Didn't you drive the van before buying it?

2005 Buick Terraza CXL 3.5L V6 SFI from North America


Costly to own


Rebuilt the transmission to find out it did the same thing within 100 miles. Found out that there had been a GM transmission already replaced on it. So we are on # 3 now.

Driver's heated seat gets so hot on the left side that you cannot keep it on.

The sliding door gets confused a lot, or will not open or close.

When using the radio controls on the steering wheel, it does not work properly.

Electrical issues.

Mileage is not good at all. 16 miles per gallon.

We do maintenance every 3,000 miles and winter checks etc.

Have had to replace the tires due to wear.

Back side window only opens sometimes, and then you cannot get it closed.

General Comments:

Sad that all this had to happen, as I really do like the vehicle.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2015

2005 Buick Terraza CLX 3.5 liter from North America


It has had two transmissions, and both have shifted erratically due to the vehicle's internal computer malfunction.

Engine main oil seal has failed.

Sliding doors do not operate properly.

Lights flicker due to poor electrical design.

Tires wear out prematurely due to inadequate suspension.

Several handles and knobs have broken under normal use.

Electric heated seats have not operated since 90,000 miles.

Traction control, ABS, and wheel hubs have been an ongoing problem.

Fuel pressurization problems with the fuel tank. This was extremely expensive.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2015

2005 Buick Terraza CXl 3.5 from North America


Terraza means why my next van will be from Japan


Multiple electrical problems.




General Comments:

Bought this van new. Quite possibly the worst vehicle we have ever owned. I have kept many vehicles well over 200k miles without half the troubles this has given.

Had to have parts of the wiring harness replaced.

From new has used 2-3 quarts of oil between every oil change.

I am meticulous about maintenance; change the trans fluid and filter regularly with synthetic, and have never had to have an auto tranny rebuilt on any other vehicle except this one at around 70k. Found chunks of metal in the pan.

Warps its front brake rotors on a regular basis.

Have had to replace just about every single component of both the front and rear suspension.

Replaced the alternator, which at least fixed the flickering lights from new.

Probably other stuff I have forgotten.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2013