2005 Buick Terraza CXL 6 cylinder from North America


Love our Terraza!


Engine oil leak at 75000 miles.

Sliding side doors get their "brains scrambled" once in a while, and don't want to operate properly. If you are patient, it always works out OK.

Second set of brakes replaced at 114000 miles (not too bad!).

Driver seat heater element went out at 75000 miles.

Second set of tires replaced at 112000 miles (not bad!).

General Comments:

This is one fine automobile.

I wish GM were building a minivan we could buy today. I just don't know what we will replace it with. Would love to find one just like it with about 50K on it.

The Terraza is very quiet and comfortable on the road trip. It is very comfortable to enter and exit.

The handling is very stable on the road.

The van is roomy, and it is well designed. Our grandkids LOVE the built-in DVD. Don't use the OnStar or the XM radio.

The ultrasonic backup alarm is a must in our next car.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2012

26th Apr 2012, 16:43

Replace it with a Buick Enclave!

27th Apr 2012, 18:49

I just bought a brand new Enclave, and love it. The price difference is a bit steep. I do think the Enclave is a lot more appealing than any mini-van though.

17th Sep 2020, 18:45

I have a Chevrolet Uplander (similar to a Terazza). I also bought a Buick Enclave. I agree that the Enclave is a much better built vehicle although it is of a newer design. The interior is quality while the Uplander is cheap plastic. I also like the extra conveniences of the Enclave. However, I do like my Uplander and use it as my personal vehicle. It is dependable and very versatile. I haul lumber with my Uplander, yet with the seats in can haul 8 people (I added a third seat in the second row). I am satisfied with both vehicles and plan to get many years of use out of both.

2006 Buick Terraza CX from North America


This has been the worst car purchase I have ever made


The front torsion bar broke at 21,000 miles.

The front rotors were warped and needed turning at 21,000 miles, but the pads were fine.

Back tires got bubbles in the sidewalls at 23,000 miles and needed replacing. (Goodyear)

All tires needed replaces at 38,000 miles. (Goodyear)

Front rotors needed turned again at 43,000 miles.

Drive shaft needed replaced at 43,000 miles.

Intermittent problem with side electric lock since 10,000 miles. It locks and cannot unlock with the remote or driver's button.

General Comments:

This car drives like truck, very loud and bumpy.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2009

29th Apr 2009, 22:20

I bet it was in an accident before you bought it.

2nd Oct 2013, 18:49

It appears that the odometer may have been "adjusted".

2005 Buick Terraza CLX 3.5 Liter from North America




Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

This is a great vehicle.

It is extremely quiet, spacious and comfortable.

The performance is good for a vehicle this size and the handling and braking are excellent.

Gas mile is very good for vehicle of this size.

This vehicle comes equipped with many very excellent standard options. The sonic detection system is especially useful. On Star system is also great especially the automatic monthly engine diagnostic check, with email follow-up.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2006

14th Dec 2007, 14:45

What about the harsh criticism that GM's minivans have received from Consumer Reports, among others? All have been denounced by those groups as outdated, unreliable, uncompetitive, and noisy. I have no idea either way, as I have never owned a GM minivan, but am interested to see what the owners have to say.

2005 Buick Terraza CXL 3.5 V6 from North America


Plan to keep it past 100000 miles


Replaced the drivers window regulator, as it was making a popping noise.

General Comments:

Handles very well for a van, good mpg (around 21) in town driving, even better on the long trips.

We love the heated leather seats, On-Star and XM radio.

The vehicle has lots nice features, like folding console between both sets of captains chairs, storage area for the DVD headsets built into the seat backs, dual power sliding rear doors, plenty of cup holders, ultra sonic back up assist.

It's has a kind of funky front end, very truckish, different from the car-like import minivans.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2006

18th Apr 2007, 18:35

I'm Glad someone is happy about the GM Vans. So many magazines complain about them, but they are no worse if not better than imports, they are cheaper too!

4th Jun 2007, 09:14

We bought a Terraza CXL in January 2007. It has been trouble free and only back for an oil change. It is equipped with XM radio, Onstar and there are many thoughtful features for safety and comfort. We looked at Honda, but it was a lot more money.

We also have a 1999 Pontiac Montana which has been excellent for 140,000 miles. That is why we bought the Terraza.

They both go forever on a tank of fuel, lots of comfort, tow small trailer and seat seven. We hope the Terraza is as good a car as the Montana.

24th Jul 2007, 11:41

Gm vans are good vans, I drive a 99 pontiac Montana, it has 101000 miles, and it runs great, I have no problems, and the only problems I've had was light bulbs going out here and there.