27th Jul 2012, 13:04

Our Terraza has been the best road car we have ever owned. Any criticism of this Buick is not founded in fact. We have 114K on the clock now, and have no plans to replace it.

Only disadvantage we see is the rear seats don't fold down flat like our Mazda MPV did.

4th Oct 2014, 20:12

2005 CXL/AWD, problems abound, too many to list from original Continental tires to Michelin HydroEdges, which were really a crappy rip off, and current Goodyears which are very noisy, but again the car is very noisy.

All kinds of constantly annoying electrical problems that cost big money to fix and quickly recur. Lots of luck with your lemon if you own one. Me, never another GM unless it's a classic!

Buy a Honda(s)!