1965 Buick Wildcat 401 c.i. V8 from North America


Fun to drive and reliable


I had to have the seats redone when I got the car as the material was worn out.

I replaced the radiator, water pump, fuel pump and fuel tank.

General Comments:

It's a great car, very fun to drive.

The engine never overheats, the transmission shifts smoothly, it has powerful brakes for a 60's car.

The suspension is smooth, but it's still very agile for a large car. All accessories still work after 42 years.

This car is very powerful and reaches top speed of 125 mph.

I use it everyday during warm seasons and I can say it's the most reliable car I ever had.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2006

28th Dec 2006, 12:52

It sounds like you really like your 64, we had a 63 like that when I was younger, wish I had it now, I loved that car too. Buicks always have been a classy car and still are.

8th Sep 2012, 14:17

I had a 1969 Buick Wildcat back in 1987. I traded a 1966 Ford Van for it. The Buick had a 455 V8 engine and a 4 barrel carb in it. Around town it inhaled the gas, but gas was like under a dollar a gallon then. On the highway though, it only sipped the gas. It had a lot of power too.

One of my all time best cars that I wish I had today, even with gas as high as it is. I beat it up so bad, and it just kept begging for more. Talk about a tank. Excellent vehicle.