23rd Jun 2009, 15:41


I picked up a Pearl White '91 Allante on June 6,'09. It is top shelf. The brake system had been recently upgraded with the major components,... master cyl. accumulator, calipers all having been replaced. It has 60K miles on it. Only thing I can think that it needs is a hard top. Everything works and is in great condition /order. It is a great car. I'm glad I got it. It is a head turner as others have attested here. It is timeless. What a ride.


23rd Mar 2011, 08:47

How, and who does the electric engine conversion?

I'm looking to do the same. Might as well jump on the new technology before gas turns to 5 plus a gallon.


Albert, marinas2111 at yahoo.com

10th Feb 2012, 20:57

"The engine (Northstar) is the best engine ever made."

Powerful, but not as durable as other V8 engines.

28th Nov 2014, 07:25

I purchased a '93 Allante in August this year for long weekend getaways and shorter highway trips. The car is as quick to 60 MPH as my 350 HP 4 speed '66 Corvette (per Car and Driver tests), handles surprisingly well (FWD), has exceptional interior and trunk room and gets mid-20's MPG on the highway. I put more miles on this car in one month than I put on my Corvette in the last three years. The combination of the responsive handling, the torquey 295 HP Northstar V8 and the snarling exhaust never fail to put a smile on my face when I go out and enjoy it on our numerous twisty back roads. The high grade materials, nice looking interior, comfortable seats and sophisticated features always remind you that this is a high end automobile.

There is a solid network for parts and very capable technical support for these cars to serve the enthusiasts who own them. They are complex automobiles and things will go wrong on these 20+ year old cars; my Florida car was serviced/maintained by one of the top Allante gurus and has had no problems.

If you're looking for a fun to drive, classy & affordable classic, the Allante is worth a look. Prices aren't going to be this low forever; look at the current prices of older Mercedes and Jaguar two seaters; cars that Car and Driver rated behind the Allante in a 1993 comparison test.

9th Feb 2017, 14:02

Take a look at my 1992 Pearl Flax (lt yellow) Allante, the only one produced in1 992! Very rare!


11th Feb 2017, 09:53

The Northstar engine in this car is durable, but if you need an internal starter, very poor alternator access or oil leaks, it is quite an expensive venture and time consuming. An internal starter is a good idea til you need another. It also goes through batteries. The design is another matter, but everyone has varying taste. I know a lot of Corvette owners with multiple cars, but this is the first I have heard of owning this together. Usually a C2 owner will buy another modern Vette to drive - a C5-C7, late model LS Cadillac or a Crossover. I bought a few Mercedes and would rather have a used SL vs this model sharing space with your 66. At least your 66 does better than the 7 1/2 MPG vs the 427 version. Surprised you don't drive yours more.

6th Jun 2017, 21:52

Yes, Cadillac went to all that trouble in expense, just to wind up with a car that looked none-too-dissimilar to a contemporary Eldorado!

Why, Roger Smith?!?