1987 Cadillac Brougham 5.0 from North America


Wouldn't trade it for the world


The engine has a oil leak, from rear seals, the motor will have to come out to repair that.

I might as well replace it with a rebuilt 350 motor, to add some power.

The headliner is also falling.

General Comments:

This is my second Cadillac and I just love them, the smooth ride just cannot be beat.

I have the 307 motor, but it is a bit sluggish on the take off, I live in San Diego so there is a lot of hills to slow me down.

Beside that this car is great, however it just needs a little tender loving care.

Like a paint job, the velour interior needs to be cleaned there are no rips on the inside, nor are there any dents in the exterior.

This car is luxury at it's finest, even for a 17 year old car.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2004

1987 Cadillac Brougham D'Elegance 10 from North America


High quality American luxury


Replaced the Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve.

I had the inner and outer wheel bearings cleaned and repacked, per the service instructions.

The front brake rotors needed replacing.

I also had the AC recharged.

General Comments:

Interior is very comfortable. The "D'Elegance" models have tufted leather pillow seats, which are very comfortable, with lots of padding and higher quality leather. The car has automatic headlights, automatic parking break release, load leveling suspension, automatic climate control, acres of chrome, leather, and wood, a tilt/telescoping steering wheel, dual power seats, and many more features. The Olds 307 is a little slow off the line, but picks up speed nicely. Replacing the stock Rochester 4bbl carburetor will help with the low end pick up.

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Review Date: 11th August, 2004

1987 Cadillac Brougham D'Elegance 307 V8 from North America


Older Cads rule the road!


My fuel pump leaking at the pump itself.

General Comments:

Using the car mainly for work, I've also driven it on longer trips as it floats along the highway.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2004

1987 Cadillac Brougham 5.0 Liter 307 Olds. V8 from North America


Comfortable classy big car, very reliable


Oil pump was gone when we first purchased this vehicle, had to get it replaced. there was no oil pressure what so ever.

Door handles don't open door sometimes.

Driver side power window didn't work.

Muffler fell off while taking a turn.

Leaks oil like it is its job.

General Comments:

This car is the most comfortable car money can buy, and for being such an old car you can get them pretty cheap. the interior is big and luxurious. you can fit 6 people comfortably in it.

The body is great and is a classic, you get a lot of looks when you drive this beast. the tail lights are very classy. I love the diamond shape tail lights on the caddy's.

The car is so easy to drive once you get use to the big feel, it pretty much drives itself when you get going.

The engine lacks power, it has only a 160 HP engine, and when the car weighs 4,000 lbs this makes acceleration sluggish. 0-60 id say about 13-15 seconds. but you can really feel it kick when you floor it, but you can also feel the gas get sucked out of your tank too.

Gas mileage is actually very good for a V8, I get about 20 mpg, but I'm a conservative driver especially when it comes to driving caddy's. you should put a middle grade octane in it like an 89 octane. its better for the older V8 engines.

This car starts in any weather, even in Buffalo NY where the winters are very cold.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2004

1987 Cadillac Brougham 5 liter, 307 c.i. Olds from North America


An inexpensive, reliable, old-school cruiser


The intake manifold gasket (driver's side, front) failed and leaked coolant(I have owned other 307's and this is a common problem on this engine).

Rear axle bearings failed (leaking differential gasket and low oil contributed to this).

Headliner had to be replaced.

No other unusual repairs.

General Comments:

This was a seldom-used city car and has so much carbon I run it on premium. It is faster than stock as a high-compression engine. It is quick.

Engine and transmission are smooth, tight, & reliable (I keep the fluids clean).

The overall reliability is very good.

It is easy to work on (except passenger side spark plugs (pull wheel & go through fender well).

Paint on this never-garaged car is poor. Leather interior is excellent, except cracked driver's armrest (common problem).

I like land yachts and I love the ride and handling. Braking and cornering are what you expect on a 4,000 pound car.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2004

13th Nov 2007, 10:31

From all the reviews and comments I've read on this car, the Brougham really does sound like a great example of the classic, good old-fashioned American boat car - comfortable, roomy, powerful, and tough.

The Oldsmobile 307 has to be a good engine for it to be placed in as many cars as it has. As someone whose car tastes remain stuck in the 70's and 80's, the Brougham is an excellent boat car for a very reasonable price. Nothing the foreign manufacturers build can compare with a car like the Brougham.