1988 Cadillac Brougham Fleetwood 5.0 liter (307 C.I.) from North America


A exceptional car for the money


I replaced the alternator at 78,000 miles.

The air conditioner evaporator developed a small leak 66,000 miles, and was replaced for $235.

The level-ride motor was replaced at 68,433 miles.

I replaced the windshield when it cracked due to a large stone hitting it.

The gas mileage could be better, but for a carburated vehicle that weighs 4000 pounds, 20-21 miles per gallon average is quite respectful.

The car could use a larger engine or more horsepower, as the 307 C.I. engine is inadequate when accelerating from a standing stop with a car this size. The car does seem to have adequate passing ability while passing another vehicle out on the freeway.

General Comments:

This year and model Cadillac is, in my opinion, one of the most dependable automobiles that I have ever owned.

This car rides exceptionally well, and on the highway it rides better than my 1998 DeVille.

The fit and finish on this car is above the majority of other large American built luxury cars.

The factory installed vinyl top still looks as good as when it was new. It has held up very well, even out here in the hot, desert climate of Arizona.

This Cadillacs factory installed leather interior is still soft and supple, and has not dried out or developed any cracks or tears, even after 14 years in the desert Southwest.

The white lacquer paint has held up well, and the car is just now starting to develop "lacquer check" on the hood surface.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2003

18th Feb 2005, 06:32

I too have a Cadillac Brougham and I love it, it is the 5.7 V8 and is much more powerful than the 5.0. The Brougham gets bad gas millage, but it's well worth it for that smoth and quiet ride.

1988 Cadillac Brougham 307 olds from North America


The car is the best for the money


The water-pump failed at 75,000 miles. The cost for me to replace was $38.

The oxygen exhaust sensor failed at 120,000 miles. The cost to replace was $20.

The right side mirror failed at 75,000 miles. The cost to replace was $80.

The A/C compressor failed at 125.000 miles. The cost to replace was $550.

The radiator solder from core to tank failed at 140,000 miles. This allowed a slit type opening that sealed itself when cold, but leaked when hot. It was a loss of coolant the source of which was hard to find. The cost to repair was $53.

The alternator failed at 100,000 miles. The cost for me to replace it was $80.

General Comments:

The car is perfect for ride and handling.

The fuel mileage has remained greater than 20 through all mileage.

There is no rust here in Florida.

I own another 1988 Brougham with 80,000 miles, but chose to describe the worst of the two. The other has had zero problems. This does not mean that belts and tires have not been needed.

The 88 Brougham is the best car buy anyone could make.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2002

1988 Cadillac Brougham Oldsmobile 307 (5.0L) V8 from North America


Outstanding luxury, reliability, and comfort for ridiculously low cost


Catalytic converter was replaced at 112,000 miles.

Front upper ball joints were replaced at 145,000 miles for normal wear.

Carburetor was rebuilt at 153,000 miles for normal wear.

Brake lighting switch failed and was replaced at 161,000 miles.

General Comments:

I had to give up buying brand new cars in order to buy a house, so I wanted something reliable and solid. This car was the best choice I ever made. It has never, ever let me down and continues to perform like a champ under hot Arizona conditions.

At over 170,000 miles, this car hasn't needed any major engine work and no transmission work, which is a tribute to GM's big-car platforms of the late 80's and early 90's. The 307c.I. V8 doesn't even burn oil or blow smoke at start-up. I wouldn't hesitate to drive this car across country.

This Brougham's body is solid, squeak free, and still looks great. The interior has worn well, and everything still works. Some of the plastic is showing it's age from the sun, but I still get comments on how good it looks. Why buy any more new cars when you can get a car like this for under $3,000?

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Review Date: 7th January, 2002

15th Jan 2002, 09:43

Amen to that! I've owned three old Cadillacs and have found them to be quite satisfactory. The only thing that can really stop them is RUST, which will eat away the bodies before their time. You're lucky to live in Arizona!

11th Aug 2002, 10:20

I agree these are great cars. They're built well and last forever. The only complaint I have is the Oldsmobile 307 engine that powers these cars is sluggish. 0-60 takes about 15 seconds. My 87 has 239,000 miles on it and the engine still runs fine. I'm considering putting a high output oldsmobile 307 in it and a 3.42:1 rear end.