1991 Cadillac Brougham 5.0L from North America


An American Beauty


Automatic transmission quit after about 60,000 miles. Bought a new one from GM.

Rear air ride suspension had to be replaced by Cadillac.

New radiator at some point.

Alternator and water pump were replaced.

Twilight Sentinel only works when it wants to.

Power antenna quit working and had to be replaced.

All electrical wiring and harness had to be replaced due to a fault.

Trunk seal had to be replaced to keep the trunk from turning into a bathtub when it rains.

Genuine wire wheels would not stay round and made for a terrible ride, so the wheels had to be replaced.

Coolant was disappearing. Engine had to be taken apart and gasket re-sealed.

Muffler fell out. Bought a new one from Cadillac.

Rear moldings around license plate cracked and had to be replaced.

Digital instrument cluster faded out and had to be replaced.

Demands premium fuel. Had injectors and throttle plate cleaned. Still demands premium fuel, and lots of it.

General Comments:

I call my Cadillac Brougham "The Old Girl." I have been through everything with her and she does get fussy and needs quality repairs. However, I could never get rid of her. She looks showroom new and gets compliments everywhere we go, but she is retired as a second car now.

You simply cannot beat the Cadillac Broughams. The luxury is without equal anywhere else in the market, even today. Very comfortable even for 5 adults to ride in, engine is powerful, and trunk is cavernous.

This car feels very safe and secure on the road, and the materials are genuine. Bumpers are heavy and there is real chrome. Even has the traditional fins. The beast weighs about 4,500 pounds!

The verdict: buy one of these for the classic styling and ultimate luxury. I would say that the time and effort I have put into maintaining the car have been well worth it, but not everyone feels this way about cars, so I say don't buy one if you don't like to work on cars or can't cough up the cost of the repairs.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2007

7th Sep 2009, 20:45

Thanks for the great information. It was a huge help to me.

26th Jan 2011, 11:35

This 1991 Brougham I have purchased from the original owner 3 years ago is still like a new car, in and out, my wife has a 2005 Caddy, and my 91 rides much better. I get compliments all the time. I would not sell this car for anything.

1991 Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance 5.0 Liter from North America


True comfort and style.


Transmission failed shortly after purchase 54000 miles, rebuilt.

O rings, replaced engine shortly after purchase.

Radiator leak at 12100 miles, replaced.

Wiper motor blew at 11500 miles, replaced.

AC Blower motor blew at 11800 miles.

Replaced full vinyl top at 100000 miles beginning to crack.

General Comments:

Though the person that owned this vehicle before I did, did not take care of this car very well, once it was fix by me it has been an absolutely one smooth riding automobile.

This car is roomy, extremely comfortable and is built like a tank.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2005

11th Jul 2005, 06:29

How does it ride? Is it fast? Quiet?

1991 Cadillac Brougham D'Elagance V8 5.0 3 from North America


A very comfortable Gentleman's car


Starter changed at 100,000 but later found out it was the alternator.

Alternator changed at 110,000.

Starter checked at 111,000. This cost me nothing because of warranty.

Alternator checked and replaced at 121,000. Alternator made a weird noise and I would lose a lot of power in idle.

Cassette player wouldn't turn on. Was repaired at 120,000.

Spark-plugs changed at 125,000 because the car stalled once for no reason. Started up right away right after, but the spark-plugs needed changing.

General Comments:

The car is very powerful, but it very heavy so speed is not all that great.

The car is so comfortable I drive around town doing 20mph with the sunroof open.

I hit 125mph once in Montuak NY.

I had people come up to me and give me offers on the car, but I will not sell it for a regular price.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2003

20th Sep 2006, 11:01

Is this the model with rod-knocking problem?