1991 Cadillac Brougham D'Elegance 5.0 EFI V8 from North America


An American Rolls Royce


The water pump failed, but it was cheap and easy to replace.

Two front door locks failed.

Driver side power window failed.

Electronic Climate Control sticks at 65 degrees periodically.

General Comments:

Very beautiful car with it's composite headlights give it a very pretty update over previous 1980's models. The seats are very posh, supportive, and comfortable as they have button tufted pillows sown on top of them! Car has power everything! Digital dashboard looks great and is very easy to read as the numbers are quite large. The 5.0 liter fuel injected engine is quite powerful in this year. This is the first year the 305 Chevy V8 was used and it performs much better than the 307 Olds it replaces. The ride is of course silky smooth and very quiet. A really neat feature on this car is the warning lights shine through a wood grain instrument cluster. Everywhere I go in this car I get offers for it. I don't think I'll sell it for anything. Has more class than new Cadillacs and it looks a lot better too. Chrome was not optional this year as it is in new Cadillacs. Many large imports can't compare to this car (Lexus, Infiniti, etc.) this caris way too much luxury for them. Not many cars can touch this one when it comes to luxury as this is truly top of the line. It's like driving an American Rolls Royce. Did I mention it is extremely reliable!

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Review Date: 13th September, 2002

17th Aug 2007, 13:47

Review lists the 90' as the first year with the 305 Chevy replacing the 307 Oldsmobile engine. 1991 was actually the first year the 305 was introduced in the Brougham. The Chevy offered 170hp, compared to 140hp in the Oldsmobile.


19th Aug 2007, 05:40

I like the 307 better - it may have had slightly less horsepower, but torque seemed better, and it was more durable than a 305. I say this out of years of owning various Caprices and Delta 88s.

1991 Cadillac Brougham D'Elegance 5.0 Liter Cadillac V8 from North America


The Premium Cadillac, the World's most luxurious car!


The car has had no problems. Normal wear and tear and common maintenance is the only things that are wrong.

Had to replace the wide whitewall tires.

General Comments:

Oh my Lord! You will never find a more luxurious car on this earth. I love it, even though the Broughams were boxy and huge, there was never, and never will be a more luxurious car. Loose pillow look seats, covered in rich, plush velour. The vinyl roof and the limousine style rear window, the opera lamps, the deep crystal clear paint job. The teak wood on the instrument panel, the horizontal needle speedometer. Just enough to make it the worlds most luxurious car.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2001

16th Jul 2001, 09:07

I agree. I own a champagne colored '91 Brougham 5.0L myself. It's such a smooth ride down any road. The wood grain that covers the entire instrument panel from left to right is the prettiest I've seen in any car. With 115,000 miles on it, you'd swear I bought it off the lot yesterday. There is not ONE oil leak anywhere under the car. I keep it garaged daily and detailed weekly (mainly because I have friends in the detailing business). Every shop I take it to for maintenence check-up's, I get plenty offers for it. I live in Gainesville, Florida and my buddy and I are known throughout town as the Cadillac Boys with my '91 Brougham and his newer than new '96 Sedan DeVille. The only question I have for Cadillac is why did they end the production on this fine vehicle?