3rd Feb 2015, 09:50

This a very good post that I wholeheartedly agree with. Modern cars have one shape (Blob), and that hasn't really changed since 1990. The old classics from way back (50s-70s) all had distinction, sharp curvy lines, and character that was easily noticeable a mile away. The days when a Cadillac looked nothing like a Lincoln, even the way the interiors smelled, was totally different to each car brand. While today, they all feel, smell and look the same on the inside and out.

Regardless if they had mechanical issues, the point being is that the vintage Cadillac's turn heads, especially the ones that are in nice shape. The class, the soul, the styling said it all! The new Cads have none of that. Sure they look kinda nice, but they also have this very cheap plastic look on from an exterior standpoint. The chrome is sadly plastic and probably won't hold up in 30 years, unlike the old school cads that used chrome metal everywhere.

The build quality on the 50s-60s Cads was top notch. Everything felt solid and was meant to last forever. No sacrifices were spent trying to save a buck in those days. You wonder if anybody will ever care about these modern Cads in 50 years. That's if they can manage to hold up for that long, which I don't think they will.

3rd Mar 2015, 08:55

I have ample experience driving a 1988 Cadillac Brougham. How different would the early-1980s RWD C-body Oldsmobile 98 be in terms of driving dynamics? Would the steering be tighter or looser, the braking be the same, the handling, the ride, etc.?

4th Mar 2015, 19:31

It is pretty much the same car, other than the decorations, so it should drive quite similarly. I've had several Delta 88s and one 98, and they drove great.