21st May 2011, 03:39

I am the original owner here. After about 2 years of ownership, the Caddy has treated me well. I replaced the water pump, did a full tune up, got all new tires, new shocks front and rear. I did some exterior work, new vinyl top, detailed the car, and general maintenance has keep my Fleetwood looking and driving great. There's never a day that goes by where I don't look forward to driving my Cad. I have gotten so many thumbs up, people asking me if I would ever sell it. You feel very powerful and well respected in a car like this. Nothing else on the road today can compare to it. All the real chrome, the size, its presence is unmatched. Even new Lexus's and full size BMW's can't compare to the Fleetwood's size.

I have been in a new CTS, and sure it's a super modern and sleek looking car. It really doesn't feel like a Cadillac though. The interior materials in CTS are subpar, and too much cheap plastic is present in it. At least in my Fleetwood, the leather door panel is padded, and the trim doesn't feel so plasticky, since it's all vinyl.

I will never sell my car, it's too rare of a Cad to find again in such good shape. The MPGs are not too bad, and this car is perfect as a daily driver; that's why in a sense, it's a 70's Caddy with modern components. It's a perfect combination.

Get one!

22nd May 2013, 23:19

"I don't get tossed around or slide from side to side like I do in my Townie."

Were you driving through a tornado? The Town Car weighs less than the Brougham, but it's still a tank.

24th May 2013, 06:25

Haha, no! The Town Car had a much softer, "floaty" suspension compared to the Fleetwood, and yes it tossed me around because of it. Even after replacing the shocks and springs, the culprit? Very thin sway bars that were geared towards comfort, rather than handling.

The 90's TC might be big, but it's no way a "tank" per se when going up against the much heavier 93-96 Fleetwoods. You can easily feel the difference going from one car to the other. While the TC feels very light on its feet, having light weight doors, and a trunk lid, the Caddy Fleetwood feels like a 70's Cadillac, bank vault status. The doors are very heavy (the front doors mainly), step inside and take it for a drive and you feel better planted to the road, it's quieter to drive from the extra weight and sound insulation, and its ability to absorb potholes and rough patches of pavement is much more noticeable too.

But I found out the only other modern car that I have driven that beats both the Town Car and my Fleetwood on driving comfort and ride harshness, is surprisingly the 2012 Chrysler 300. Now that is one great car that still rides like a boulevard cruiser of the past. I loved it.

25th May 2013, 12:38

I find that very hard to believe that the 300 rides more smoothly than a 90s full-size anything. For decades now Detroit has shunned that famous "Detroit Magic" big car ride. I might have to take one for a test drive some time. I am not a fan of Chrysler, and have never cared for the looks of the 300, but if it truly rides that smooth, that just might be my next car.

The closest I have come to that boulevard ride of the past was my 2005 Park Avenue, and I have regretted trading it every day for over 2 years now. It rode somewhat softer than my grandparents '99 Town Car, but I once drove a mid-90s Park Avenue that was a lot softer than both, but probably needed new shocks. Personally though, I like that floaty ride. Too bad that Detroit seems to think it needs to mimic Japan and Europe now, and make everything feel and look like a sportster.