15th Feb 2007, 08:43

What a great story! It just goes to show that no matter what your station in life, a car is always a great part of that. He was not bragging about his wealth, only showing an appreciation that he had the means to enjoy a great car. No matter how much money he has now, he will never be able to buy a real car like that brand new ever again.

15th Feb 2007, 09:44

Yes, it would be that I am showing my profound appreciation for this car. Because I can, and no, I'm not bragging, I only keep cars for four years at the most. Because of this, it is pointless for me to keep a vehicle beyond this time frame. The "spill" was just the little push needed for me to finally make my decision at the end of the fourth year. As I said, I still greatly miss this car, and desperately hope that Cadillac will produce a car that can match its standards.

15th Feb 2007, 11:36

Why is it 'pointless' to keep a car longer than this time frame? Certainly it is conceivable that one might prefer one's 4+ year old car more than any new ones available, regardless of cost.

15th Feb 2007, 17:38

I don't let anyone eat in my cars, even on road trips. That is what restaurants are for.

16th Feb 2007, 18:52

Good review, god those cars were so classy and so elegant, I long to have a 77-79 Cadillac deVille or Fleetwood in the future, especially a '79 Sedan deVille or Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance!

No, he's not bragging, just reviewing on a car. Go hate somewhere else.

22nd May 2009, 16:00

Actually if you do have a lot of money you can have a "new" 77-79 Cadillac. Buy an old run-down one and completely rebuild it!!! It wouldn't be the easiest or cheapest thing to do, but hey, you're rich right? Just kidding. A wonderful review written by a man who once, (and still does) loved a beautiful lady who so foolishly let her get away. I don't care what anyone says, some cars have personality, and they know when they are loved.

20th May 2017, 15:29

Great comments, and yes I plan to purchase a 77 to 79 Fleetwood DeVille. I love these cars; I worked at GM when this car was built. I need a weekend toy; the Caddy is it. I learned to drive in a 56 Cadillac; I love it then and I love it now.


21st May 2017, 04:37

I bought my dream car at 58. You can go into Hemmings for example, and look and look. When you find the car you always wanted in the right color and options with a frame off restoration, it's amazing. It's like you ordered it new. The last concern is money. I walked by a car in a driveway to school everyday. Knew I wanted one. It's the car that will be in my garage when I pass away. Priceless to me and it's not getting away. I could have built a clone and painted it the color. Glad I waited. It's great to show and drive.