1999 Cadillac Catera from North America


Run! It's not worth a third of the cost!


The driver airbag sensor shorted out two months after I purchased the car used. After being "repaired" it continues to short.

The water pump went out. I had it towed in only then to find out it had been recalled.

The gasket seals leaked. I had it serviced. Two day later, I was back because it continued to leak and smoke. The third time, the dealership kept it the whole day (work day).

One week after repairs to the gasket seals, my service engine light is back on. There were no engine problems noted on my diagnostic when I left from the last repair.

General Comments:

When this car is problem free, which is averaging about 1 week per month, it runs like a dream. It's powerful, comfortable, and handles like a true sports car. Unfortunately, I don't get much of a chance to enjoy those aspects.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2005

16th Oct 2005, 22:53

It sounds like you just had bad luck. I've had this car for 90,000 miles and it runs like brand new. the thing wrong with it is that the headlight is out. I also had some problems with the lighters, but that's not a problem for someone who knows a thing or two about cars.

1999 Cadillac Catera Sport 3.0 from North America


A neat car for the price


At about 60000 miles I had to replace the coolant control valve. This is a VERY common problem with Cateras. The clue is if you start to see smoke coming from the engine and smell coolant and see it pouring out at a pretty fast rate. When the car is driving, the wind spews the coolant on to the exhaust and then it begins to smoke. Don't panic, its nothing major, but it will cost you about $300.00 to get it fixed. Other than that, the car has been great. I live in Michigan and the weather here is about 1-8 degrees F in the mornings and she never complains and starts every time (So far).

General Comments:

Before I bought the car, I read a lot of reviews and got really scared from what I heard. But I took the plunge anyway. Now I know that unless you own a 1997 or 1998 Catera you don't have to worry too much. Besides most intelligent people know to stay away from first year models, on any car brand. It's a safe rule to follow. 1999-2001 Cats are generally better. I have a hard time thinking that the Germans would design a piece of junk on purpose (as some Cat. owners say). Most of the flaws were fixed in 1999 and later models. Just baby the car. Don't push it hard. Keep up on the oil changes and tire rotations and you should be fine. Also if you ever take it to a mechanic who says its just a regular car, run away. And watch out for the 10 minute oil change places. It took Valvoline about twenty minutes to try to find my Trany dipstick and oil filter. Now I go to the dealer. Anyway, good luck and best wishes to all my fellow Catera owners.


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Review Date: 9th January, 2004

12th Jul 2004, 09:05

I have an 1999 catera and need to replace my windshield. I have some glass replacement experience, but wondering on the rear view mirror removal, how does it come off and also it has the voice mic for phone attached to the windshield need to remove it also, any comments on those two items.


22nd Feb 2007, 20:37

I have a 1999 Cadillac Catera, and after 127,000 miles the crankshaft broke and severely damaged the entire engine, I'm in the process of removing the engine so the Cadillac dealer can take a look at it, I looked at the TSB's on the 99 Catera and found about 100 bulletins about this vehicle, but nothing about the crankshaft coming apart... your comments please.