8th Nov 2005, 15:25

I purchased a used 2001 ctr in June of 2005 so far I have spent 900.00 in repairs. Two days and 30 kilometers after the last repair the check engine light is on again. The last repair was a new fuel filter. The diagnostic machine said the gas was lean. I love driving this car, it only has 40,200 kilometers on it. Any suggestions what could be wrong with this car???

18th May 2006, 22:02

I am currently debating on buying a 2000 with 60k on it. It has everything except a sunroof (kind of wanted that) but it is black on black and is in excellent condition. Anyway, you might have to use PREMIUM gas in the Catera- I've been doing research and it looks as though that why you had your fuel problem. My mom's Acura MDX takes premium gas- and if a lower grade or bad gas is used, it can ruin the pump and etc. Hope this helps (even though the post was awhile ago.

1st Jun 2006, 06:55

I am currently trying to trade my 2001 with 62,000 miles. Terrible car, hence the name Catera-ble! I have already spent $2000 and it's right back in the shop leaking transmission fluid. Would not recommend this car to anyone, never will be a Cadillac, they gave us a shoddy deal and kept it moving, no respect for Cadillac at all. I'm gonna take my money to the Japanese and get a Honda; at least they work!

8th Nov 2006, 23:30

Why would you ever say such a thing, keep your money in America.

11th Nov 2006, 23:36

I purchased a 2001 Catera in May of this year with 78k's on it. Aside from the normal maintenance of oil and filters and the tie rod end of which I was aware of before buying, this is a fantastic car. I had a minor issue with my dash lights going out and the dealer wanted $300.00 to repair, but a little research on the Internet told me to just smack the dash and the lights came back on, no problem and have worked ever since. I love the way the car handles on tight turns and the sport transmission is a gem, especially for quick accelleration from a dead stop. I have read many reviews of people and problems with their Catera's, but feel that you only get what you pay for these days. I think after market shops are more willing and cheaper than the GM dealers are to repair any vehicle, don't always take their word for problems, ask around. You will find answers...Bob.