26th Dec 2009, 12:43

"I seriously doubt that the Cimarron will ever be worth more than its value as scrap."

You are making a commonplace error here. In fact just because you don't like something doesn't mean it won't have value due to rarity. Everything old eventually becomes rare and thus more valuable.

27th Jun 2013, 01:52

So why don't you go out and buy a real Cadillac? An old DeVille, Fleetwood, or Brougham will appreciate in value far faster and more than a Cimarron, and you'll have fewer problems too. I don't think these will ever be worth anything, because people are just going to keep glossing over the only good Cadillac made in the 1980s, the Brougham.

When the Broughams finally go the way of the way of the dodo bird, I doubt the Cimarrons will exist anymore either.

14th Aug 2015, 17:23

How bad can a car model be, when a charity refuses one for FREE?

15th Mar 2016, 03:16

Hello to all the Cimarron owners out there! I just picked me up a mint 88 blue with a light tanish vinyl top.

I was born in 84, and when I saw this thing for sale it caught my eye, for some reason. I had never heard of or seen a Cimarron, but I researched how cheap the parts are if I need to fix anything that goes bad. This baby still has all the factory rust protection on it. Amazingly it has 41k on it and the interior is in near PERFECT condition. I have a right sway bar link that needs replacing, but the thing has NO rust! I cleaned up the top and blacked out the windows, and even had 45% on the windshield. EVERYTHING works, and every time I drive it I love it more and more.

I don't care what other people think, so eff the haters. If I want to show off, then I'll just take my hot wife for a putt on my new Harley.

I only paid $1500, so I stole it! It's a great car to get me to work and back, and we're planning a ride out to NC and then Gatlinburg. We have no kids so we just do what we want LOL.


16th Mar 2016, 18:53

Or buy the Chevrolet Cavalier version.

16th Mar 2016, 20:05

How are these cars to drive? Always loved its classic lines.

16th Mar 2016, 22:32

The Cimarron WAS a Cavalier. For $1500 he could have gotten a decent Cadillac Allante, with all the factory rust protection still on it -- but probably better that he didn't...

17th Mar 2016, 14:09

Why not buy a 70s one with a V8? Or find an older convertible for shows.

17th Mar 2016, 15:35

This is hilarious. The Cimmeron is one of the most unfortunate cars to grace the roads. Amazing that any survive, as there were few Americans who were fooled by what turned out to be a Cavalier with extra chrome and nicer seats.

17th Mar 2016, 19:57

If you like the car or not, there is no doubt it will be a future classic sure to turn heads at the classic shows and cruise nights.

18th Mar 2016, 01:12

From things I read, many Cadillac buyers were not happy paying Cadillac prices for this small and not exactly luxurious model.

18th Mar 2016, 10:01

Classic may be a stretch. It may be a car of interest at a show. That's not a bad thing in a way. Having owned Cadillacs, I have my own recommendations for a newbie wanting one to buy one to do shows. If you are only spending 1500.00 and it gets you around, why fret over it not being a classic. Even rarity doesn't make a classic over a car that was never popular even when new. And was discontinued. It's like buying a black rare color Pacer. Interesting at a show and unusual. It may even go up in value, but still not a classic car. This is just an example, but hopefully gets the point across. I would rather see someone buy an older Eldorado convertible that are reasonable. But watch for Cadillacs that need costly restorations or you will be underwater on your investments.

18th Mar 2016, 15:13

You could make the same argument for any car ever built. Once it gets old enough, any car will "turn heads".

In the case of the Cimarron though, those heads would have to be too young to remember what a joke this model was, not only when new but for many years after.

18th Mar 2016, 22:24

I am sorry, but the only head turning I will do is in the opposite direction.

If you want a real head turner, buy a Cadillac '59 2 door and enjoy the largest fin car ever. I know someone will bring up the Plymouth Superbird or Dodge Daytona, but they are wing cars, not finned.

19th Mar 2016, 18:01

The '59 Caddy had the big fins, but the '60 had way more class. Kind of like Elvis compared to James Dean.

19th Mar 2016, 19:20

The 59 Convertible is far more valuable. And if you want to get real picky, find a 58. Beautiful lines.

20th Mar 2016, 10:09

Could you picture Elvis in a Cimmaron? Or James Dean if either had lived?

20th Mar 2016, 14:52

Nick Nolte looked good in a '64 beat up convertible.

20th Mar 2016, 18:31

What is everybody's problem? If the fellow who bought that Cimarron likes his car so much, if he's getting looks (probably because people are surprised that the car still exists, and is in good shape), what's wrong with that? Sure, the legendary Cadillacs come from the '40s to late '60s, but hardly any of them can be seen on the roads, and just as Paul McCartney is unknown to a generation or two of people (hard to imagine, but that was on American TV), these classic Caddys are irrelevant to the lives of many. And not everyone is an absolute car enthusiast - so if the car does get looks, likely not from older people, but because it's unfamiliar and is in good form, well, that's his experience. Chevy Cavalier in drag? Yep, but doesn't change his situation. If he's happy, great.

20th Mar 2016, 23:58

There were also legendary Cadillacs from the '70s.

21st Mar 2016, 12:53

As long as he doesn't believe it's a classic car. That comment was covered in depth earlier. Just drive it as it is. I am still getting use to rat rods at shows. Are they shocking personal expressions or would you call them classics. It's nice to preserve that word. You could probably make a car show sign saying this vehicle was made at a brief piece of time in GM history. Or just simply drive it around town. Either way he's out very little as far as cost. I think Cadillac realized putting their nameplate on this was a mistake. And did not want to alienate repeat customers. Look what's out today as a great example. There are some over 600 HP with tremendous performance and handling. Great cars to compete in the overseas luxury segment as well.