28th Feb 2006, 08:56

Sorry, but when you take into account quality, resale value, and the rest the Cadillac comes out last.

And anyone who waits for an American car, is making a mistake, regardless of model, it's going to die in a few short years.

Our dealers here are asking lease rates for the new $25K Pontiac Solstice that are significantly more expensive than a $35k BMW 325i.

Now, which car is going to have better resale value in three years?

I also suggest you look up the proper name of GM's subsidiary in the UK.

28th Feb 2006, 16:39

If American cars only last a few short years how come my Caddi is lasting so long, 14 years, much longer than a few short years, and still running like new. This is no exception, in the past my family has owned a Olds Cutlass 212K, and an Olds Cutlass supreme 196K, both ran like new when we traded them in. We have never owned a Japanese or European vehicle, in fact, why should we when GM has been so good to us.

Sorry, Vauxhall.

1st Mar 2006, 06:08

Is there a Cadillac dealer trolling in this website?

Why are you trying so hard, to convince the CTS is a better car, than BMW 5-Series and Lexus GS, when most of reviews, stated, the CTS still loosk and feels like an overpriced Chevrolet?

Seriously, you are fooling yourself with these "owner reviews".

Spare me of that "Media Bias" thing, that you gm fans cry so much about. If they were biased, then GM wouldn't be going down the hill badly.

YES. I'm telling you. With probably the exception of the Corvette, GM NA makes garbage.

As for the Top Gear comparo, Jeremy Clarkson conceded the CTS-V was better on the track, however, for the everyday use in UK, you better off with the Audi S4. And he does has a point.

The CTS-V is overpriced for the UK market and it's only available with LHD. How GM can get more silly, selling a LHD car to a country where the steering is on the right side of the car?!

That's why the recommended the VAUXHALL (It's not Voxul!) the Vauxhall Monaro VXR, which is pretty much a Holden Monaro which you Americans, know as the new Pontiac GTO HA!

Your precious Muscle Car icon is actually an imported car from Australia.

BTW: I've driven the CTS 3.6 V6 Sport, and it's far from being a "true sport sedan". It's relatively quick, but overall it felt stodgy to drive. The suspension is too soft, and the steering is overassisted. It simply doesn't inspire any confidence at all. At least, it doesn't cope well with the winding lanes of England, but I'm pretty sure it copes well with old grannies driving along Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

1st Mar 2006, 11:05

You also bring up another point about American cars - they are usually "one offs" as far as attributes.

Yeah, the CTS-V may be good at going around the Nurburgring, but what about the cheap interior? Its ugly looks? Its horrible reliability? Its horrific resale value?

When I buy a car, I buy for the complete package since I don't have the money or space for eight different cars.

1st Mar 2006, 15:14

OK, first of all I don't care about the Holden Monaro and how it's a Pontiac GTO. This is the case for many auto companies, dodge make the engines for the new Mitsubishi trucks, Isuzu makes the diesel motors for GM, My engine the 4.9 litre V8 is basically a 350 Chevy small block with a nicer intake and exhaust.

I, much like you love to drive, and love automobiles, and I would never make a generalization like spelling (Vauxhall) OK!!? I could do the same for you: (And he does has a point) its and he does HAVE a point. See, its dumb and has nothing to do about cars.

I love American cars, I love their rich history, I love everything about them, there is no reason that I shouldn't love them. I love the way my Caddi floats down the road. European cars are great too. I have driven them, My cousins BMW and my friends Mercedes ML 500 and I could see how, The BMW especially, could handle "The winding lanes of England."

However, I don't like Japanese cars. In my opinion they have that cheap feel to them. As I said earlier I disliked my friends Lexus RX 330, the seats were hard unlike the soft and plushy seats in my Caddi. The wood trim was fake, and cheap looking in the Lexus, also unlike my Caddi which has real wood trim, and yes, Real wood trim was available in the deville gold package, which is what I have. My other friend has a Highlander, same story.

So I think we can come to a conclusion, My dream drive would be a never ending drive down a road through Arizona where I can cruse along in my Caddi at 110, not stopping for any reason. And perhaps yours would be a challenging race around the Nurburghring or a never ending trip through the winding lanes of England. Who knows, that's what makes driving so great its like flying, your free.

20th Mar 2006, 21:30

Over here in america, our caddys get the V8 not the crappy 3. something you talked about. That could be one reason for lackluster performance.

7th Jul 2006, 02:14

Are you guys nuts, comparing a 30,000 dollar CTS to BMW 5 series and Lexus GS's that cost double or more. The CTS is awesome for the price, offers its own highs and lows, and overall driving experience. If one can't afford a BMW 5 series or a mundane Lexus, this is a good car to have some fun in.

20th Sep 2006, 15:55

I'm confused where all of you come up with this perceived horrible reliability of the CTS?

It's actually regarded as very reliable, well according to such magazines as Consumer Reports anyway.

Audi has a nicer interior, but a much worse reliability.

Also, the Corvette is our muscle car icon and not the GTO.

Perhaps there isn't a Cadillac dealer lurking around here, but a competitor.

6th Oct 2006, 00:33

American cars have horrible reliability? Maybe Fords, but my mother purchased a 1992 Chevy Lumina Euro brand new, drove it for years, I inherited it and drove it well over 170,000 miles. It NEVER had any major problem. Everything still worked like new when traded at 15 years of age, and honestly, it handled as well as a sports car (via sport suspension package).

Why bash American cars? You can get a car that's good on gas, handles more than good enough for our roads, and won't bust your bank! I love American cars and many of the european and japanese cars.

29th Nov 2006, 16:24

As a mechanic, I have to say it amuses me to read about "unreliable" American cars. It's amazing how easily urban myths are created and kept alive by advertising dollars and extremely biased magazines that base their "objective" reports on how much revenue their ads bring in.

The current American car is one of the best built and most economical cars to buy and operate on the planet. Some of the most solidly built cars around are the GM cars such as Buick and Cadillac. Many of these cars routinely go over 200,000 miles with virtually zero problems.

Anyone maintaining that a Cadillac is "unreliable" needs to become a bit more enlightened about things automotive. The new CTS is an incredible car that deserves the praise it has received from numerous sources. In recent years American cars have become as reliable as (or moreso) than Japanese cars, while European cars have been going downhill for years.

I never base any of my opinions on advertising hype or biased magazine reviews. What I look for are solid, trouble-free vehicles that are good for the long haul. Without a doubt, Cadillac is one of the top in that field.