1969 Cadillac DeVille Convertible 472 V8 from North America


They honestly don't build them like this anymore.


Needed to be completely rewired.

Required upgrade to internally regulated 80 amp alternator.

Gas tank needed flushing.

General Comments:

I purchased the car thinking that it was completely restored, it was not. The seller lied, but I did got my money's worth out of the vehicle. The entire electrical system was shot and needed to be rewired.

After that I continued to have electrical problems, the car would run dead while driving it. I upgraded to an internally regulated alternator and have not have a problem with it since.

The engine fires up without touching the gas pedal and I was surprised at the power that it had. I have spun the back out on many occasions, and am still impressed with the reliability of the car to this day. It is my daily driver to college.

I've owned 1976 and 1973 Eldorado's in the past, both convertibles. This Deville, while older, just seems to be a superior car. The top design in my opinion is much better then the Eldorado scissor top and is much simpler to operate. If the top motor burns out you can operate the top manually unlike in the Eldo's with their gear operated tops.

It is not that great in the snow because of the rear wheel drive and high torque, but with the weight of the vehicle it can manage if stuck somewhere and you need to get home.

Overall I am amazed at the level of luxury and dependability of the car once given a little TLC. I have taken the car back and forth to the beach, which is a 3 hour trip, numerous times during the summer and it made it there and back every time with no problems.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2005

5th Feb 2005, 18:31

Your Deville is older, but doesn't have any emissions equipment on it like the other to so it has been neutered in the power department like they have.

15th Feb 2005, 10:02

I also have a 69 convertible, and I love it. I'm having electrical problems too. For instance, my convertible top switch is broken. The top goes down, but not up. Until I can fix the switch, how do I operate the top manually???