13th Mar 2005, 00:26

Glad to hear you are enjoying your '69 Cadillac DeVille Convertible! 1969 is probably my favorite year for Cadillacs (I own a '69 Fleetwood Brougham (and a '70 Sedan de Ville & '76 limo) ).

The '69s have a lot going for them... the high-compression (10.5:1) engine not choked with anti-smog equipment, last year for the real wood on the dash and door panels, thicker leather seats compared to the '71s, etc.

I advise you keep yours for as long as possible!

25th Sep 2006, 17:13

Greetings, I own a 1973 deville. love it to death...

I am considering purchasing a 1969 4-door in mint condition from a senior citizen... it was her mother's car. purchased new...this woman is like 70 years old and it sits in the garage...

She's thinking bout selling it... i want to make her an offer, but don't want to over or under bid...

I did research... the convertibles seem to be worth a nice buck, but the devilles... were selling for maybe $4000...it's in mint condition in and out...thanks!

13th Feb 2007, 15:35

Ohhhh...that is so sad. I'm so sorry you had to let the car go! I become depressed reading a lot of the reviews where people have had to give up their fine cars, because I have been there, with my 1970 Torino Cobra 429SCJ. Old cars like this seem to take a part of peoples hearts when they go.

10th Jun 2007, 12:30

The Original Poster: I don't understand, you give the car such rave reviews and say it was the best you ever owned, but you just keep listing mishaps with it. Is it a bad car to own if you don't have good money to keep getting it fixed or what? I wouldn't mind up-keeping the car bimonthly with oil changes and a new ac or whatever, but replacing the engine and all that?..wooh... Is it a car that will need to be constantly checked for secret problems or can I be at ease?

4th Sep 2007, 21:01


I am a Chevy girl... I own two 1957's. I have always wanted a convertible Cadillac. I am going to look at a 69 convertible this weekend. Any advice? What would be a good price? I have seen pics and know the people. 146.000 miles. It looks like it is in great condition. Is there anything I should look out for?

25th May 2013, 08:06

The 69 is the better year of Cadillac. The 68 & 70 are also good. The last of the traditional body styles before they tried to go more modern & less chrome.

The 472 is, without question, the best engine they ever built. Not hard on gas, and lots of HP. Almost indestructible.

The 500 engine was only good for the 1 year, 1970, and it was only in the Eldorado that year & through to 74, and was not in the RWD cars till 1975 & finishing in 76. In 1970 the 500 engine was 400 HP. After that it degraded down to a 195HP, not so great engine by 1975/76.

Although you see it in car ads on sites, Cadillac never made an engine larger than 500. No 501 or 502. That is just a myth/dreamer's assessment.