1979 Cadillac DeVille 425 carb from North America


Love it, it's a beast


Replaced starter, exhaust system, water pump, and I rebuilt the oil pump.

General Comments:

Runs very good, looks good, nice Kenwood CD player, no dents.

Crome 15 inch wheels and it floats down the highway doing about 60 mph.

Double platinum spark plugs and new K&N air filter.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2006

1979 Cadillac DeVille Coupe 425 4bbl V8 from North America


Cadillac luxury at its highest


Mind you, the previous owner treated this car like utter crap, so a few things were wrong, but nothing unusual.

Master cylinder, rusted muffler, alternator, starter motor, and shocks, all within 150-155k miles when I first got the car.

Rehauled carb at 160k.

Slight leather wear in front seats, and some rust in the undercarriage, but for a 30 year old car with 160k miles in the rainy NW, it's normal.

General Comments:

This car is just an absolute dream. I picked it up for 1000 bucks from a couple whose father died. They just wanted to sell the car fast, and I bought it fast. I use it as a daily driver, and get 15-20 MPG in the city if I drive normal.

The car has never given me trouble besides the repairs listed above, but mind you, this car sat for 2 years in the rain, not driven at all, and the previous owner should be in jail for the way he treated his Cadillac. I've been restoring this.

The level ride system still works with no problem.

Carb is in the greatest shape ever.

Cylinders still have high compression, doesn't burn oil, and every time I change the oil, it's clean.

Everything else is Cadillac-tank tough, no problem at all.

The body has a few defects, and has a different year door ('78), so it must've been in an accident. But you couldn't tell by the looks of it. The paint is in great condition. Undercarriage will be undercoated soon to deal with rust, but still, a less amount of rust than usual.

If you don't believe this review, just take a look yourself: www.cardomain.com/id/adam_mcd

The only restoration I plan to do is new paint job, new vinyl, and fix the headliner. A friend cheered me up saying it was "draping it like a sultan's palace".

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Review Date: 29th April, 2005

2nd May 2005, 06:52

Undercoating will not stop the rust, it will just cover it up.

Underneath the undercoating, the car will continue to merrily rust away unless you remove it first...

1979 Cadillac DeVille Coupe 7.0L V8 from North America


Good, reliable, runs all day.


Headliner fell down, climate control doesn't work (either the motor is broken, or there is no coolant charge).

Valve cover bold broke off (torqued it too much) Sound system is shot from heat exposure. All electric windows are very difficult to operate. Drivers seat adjustments don't work. That's about it after 8 years of sitting in one place.

General Comments:

Very very comfortable car. My tires are bald, and this thing roasts all the way around a corner. I just got new spark plugs, speakers, air intake hose, and I'm going to clean the carb. it putters off the line, and I heard it only has 3 gears? The engine makes up for it, though. It's a good car.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2004

2nd Sep 2005, 01:17

Owned a 79 caddy for about 7 years, had about 120,000 on the clock when I got it from my grandparents .

The car was grandmas baby...

Drove it to 297.000 when the original timeing chain let go sold the old girl for 100.00, and cried as I watched her leave on a trailer.

I miss that car too this day...

1979 Cadillac DeVille Coupe 7.0L from North America


One of the best Cadillacs ever built


The original owner replaced:

- Some leather pads on the seats due to tearing.

- Driver's door power handling pad (mirror, windows, locks, seat)

I have yet to fix anything in the car.

General Comments:

I recently bought my first classic car 1979 Cadillac coupe De Ville for $2800. It just so happens that I am born the same year! I love it!

It has black exterior, red leather interior, all the gadgets that you would find in a new car (power seat, power windows, power locks, manual mirrors, cruise, timed delay wipers, manual climate control).

It rides just like my old car, a 1995 Ford Thunderbird V8. Although the Ford would beat this beast in a drag race, nothing beats how my baby rides. Both cars had that smooth driving feel to them, but the Cadillac is my number one choice. I steer with one finger, I sink in my seat, and let the car drive itself. This is the most comfortable and enjoyable car I have ever drove.

I realized it only has 3 gears! Isn't that amazing? I guess that 7.0L engine there is no worries for being underpowered.

Other than simple oil changes, do you think I should change the transmission oil and radiator fluid? Replace spark plugs/wires? Or just enjoy the ride for about 50000 miles then worry about it?

I am a software engineer, 24 years old, not much of a mechanic. What do you guys advice me to do? I do want this car to last forever. What are the recommended maintenance schedules of my Cadillac?



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Review Date: 29th March, 2004

29th Mar 2004, 22:36

Knowing that it has that low mileage shouldn't it have the drivers manual, it should tell you what to do.

30th Mar 2004, 08:34

Yes, you are right, I will read the manual and see what it says to take care of the car. After I reading your comment, I found the manuals for the car and 8 track tape player, thanks.

I thought maybe there is a rule of thumb for taking care classic cars that I don't know of.

21st Nov 2004, 00:07

Keep it garaged, change oil every 2-3 thousand miles,check all fluids regularily.The maintinence is worth it in the long run. Mine is about to hit 300,000 miles.

6th Mar 2006, 11:06

Your cadillac is one of a kind... and you have to keep it that way by keeping it in mint condition. The jets in the carb will need cleaning ever 10,000 miles...it's a tank!