1979 Cadillac DeVille Coupe 7.0L 8 cylinder from North America


I loved it, but all cars die sometime


Brakes, transmission, ac, radio... all the expected stuff from such an old car.

General Comments:

I loved this car. Bought it brand new in 1979, I was much younger then. I remember showing off in it and spending days and nights waxing it and making it look in top condition. Then, many years later I grew tired of it, put it in my garage and bought new cars. It sat in my garage until two years ago, when I decided I'd try using it again. Then I fixed it up and fell in love with it again. In fact, I decided to sell my other cars, a Dodge Monaco and an Oldsmobile Ciera. MY Caddy was my pride and joy.

Last week, I left it out overnight and some teenagers came and burned it. Just like that, my Caddy was gone. Cadillacs are cars you can become best friends with, they are big American sedans. My Caddy could've survived another ten years had it not met such a cruel death.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

30th Mar 2003, 19:49

Thanks Jimmy, I'll try to do as you say. Thing is, right now I'm kinda broke, but if I got the chance I'd go for it.


14th Jun 2003, 10:03

That's a tragedy, I could cry. Hopefully I'll get my own Cadillac one day, but I'd do more than just cry if that happened to me and my cad.

1979 Cadillac DeVille Coupe 7.0 liter, 427 from North America


Muscle car in disguise


The Caddy wasn't in great shape when I bought it (note the beginning mileage), but it served me well with my delivery job. It ate gas like there was no tomorrow but I loved the huge engine and the horses it yielded.

The shocks and struts were bad when I first got it and I never got them replaced (wasn't making as much $$ then) so I had to live with the -bouncy-

-bouncy- -bouncy- ride.

I've had several things replaced in the car, tranny line, master cylinder, tires tires tires tires tires, radiator, battery (battery in the car when I got it wasn't even putting out enough cold cranking power) and transmission gasket.

Not too bad I think for the amount of mileage the car had on it.

General Comments:

This car was bought for 500 bucks at a local small car dealership. I remember seeing the car sitting there when it was 1,000 dollars. The price kept going down as the car kept sitting there. At 500 I went in and nabbed it.

I really love older, large cars with big engines.

I was way into old muscle cars of the 60s-70s and always thought of Cadillacs as "old guys'" cars. But when I saw mine sitting at the dealer, I was like "Well hey, why not? It's huge and has a huge engine.. I'll give it a shot".

I would definitely buy another Caddy of a near year and model again. The only drawback of it (and I guess all rear wheel drive cars) is that they totally cannot get around in the snow..! I'm in Massachusetts and when it snowed out while I had the Caddy, I was afraid to go to work a lot of the time. And the times I was out in it, the car would get stuck anywhere that had the slightest uphill climb.

I have a front wheel drive car now, and they HUGELY different in the snowy weather!

But I do miss having a big boat Caddy..........:(


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Review Date: 1st September, 2000

7th Dec 2000, 18:22

It has a 425.

31st Jan 2001, 05:27

This gives me hope because I am currently trying to find the best place and great price to sell my 78 Coupe DeVille.

The bad thing is, I was tagged on a corner in the passenger side door. Had it checked by three different body shops with NO body or frame damage!

It was my grandfather's car so it only has currently 30,500 miles. Drives great, super comfy while still being responsive on many types of roads. Was maintained by my grandfathers Cadillac dealership in Tenn.

12th Aug 2002, 11:54

Sounds like you got a good deal for only $500.

23rd Jun 2008, 23:44

I have a 79 Caddy Coupe Deville. I love this car to death. It is so easy to handle this big blue boat. I've been spending a lot of money to restore it. I hope this car last a very long time.

I'm getting it painted dark blue pearl and navy interior with white pipping. I'd like to get a navy roasted top with white trimming.

I got new carb, steering column, alternator, alarm system, air conditioning, rewiring, mater cylinder, window, inside leak on passenger side floor, tune up, infinity speakers and four way amp, shocks, engine lifters and pistons, and parts that was missing though out the car. I can't imagine what else I need to get down.

26th Nov 2009, 12:57

Regarding the snow traction - I had a '73 Coupe DeVille, which was admittedly bigger and heavier than yours, but it went fine in the snow.

Just get snow tires and throw a concrete air-conditioner base in the trunk for weight, and you'll get around great.

27th Nov 2009, 16:46

Even in the 79 Coup, I doubt you'd have to worry much about "adding" weight. Just kidding.