1986 Cadillac DeVille 4.1L V8 from North America


A great car that is very smooth


The water pump went out @ 116000.

The distributor went out @ 120000.

Alternator bearings went out @ 126000.

The carpet on the ceiling started hanging down so I just stapled it back up.

The power side view window control went out as did the power locks control.

General Comments:

This caddy is definitely a smooth ride. It is the most comfortable car I have ever ridden in. It is very quiet on the road. Everything is electronic so it's nice.

This car was my great grandpas car and was kept in the garage most of its life. My parents then purchased it from him and it was our family car for a while. My sister got it when she got her license and then it got handed to me when I got mine.

I have enjoyed this car a lot. I love how smooth it is. The gas mileage isn't the greatest, but I only drive around town. It has a good size engine in it so it handles well. It is an amazing car for winter. I have never been stuck and it doesn't slide hardly at all.

It is fairly easy to repair. I have shop manuals and they take you step by step on how to repair whatever it is. It also has a troubleshooting guide so you can pinpoint what is wrong. Because everything is electronic things do go out from time to time, but they are easy to fix.

The paint job on it as well as others that are the same year is still good. It still has no rust spots after 22 years. This car will probably stay on the road for quite a while.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2008

19th Feb 2008, 03:11

I have to agree with this review for the most part.

I got one of these cars for $1200 with 206,000 when I turned 16, and now 6 years and 215,000 kms later, the car is still strong with no more than basic maintenance and repairs done to it only when required.

The car is smooth, quiet, and very sharp looking, and I often find people admiring it and hating it on the road (both good things when driving a Caddy). It will get decent fuel mileage if driven decently, but the low end torque in this vehicle is mainly responsible for that.

Great first car for a teen, especially for long highway road trips with a full load in the back.

1986 Cadillac DeVille 4.1 from North America


This year and model did not live up to Cadillac's reputation for excellence!


Engine Belt tensioner excessive tension resulting in an audible knock (relaxed tension & knock went away!).

Engine overheating - replaced everything (radiator, engine temp sensor, thermostat, fans), and finally located fan control module which when replaced solved the problem (Fan control module was not located per manual!!).

Water pump replaced 2X.

Alternator replaced, starter replaced, fuel pump, drive axles (due to wear), shocks & shock towers (due to rust), metal bracket securing front seat to floor.

Cruise control stopped working, likely due to something in the steering column (replacing everything else didn't correct the problem).

Replaced rear wheel bearings (due to wear). Master cylinder replaced, but later learned that the constant vacuum pump was at fault - no vacuum boost to master cylinder.

Interior heater fan replaced. Radio replaced with after market unit.

Replaced bushings between oil filter housing bracket and engine block, which had resulted in serious oil leak.

General Comments:

Best winter driving car owned to date (in serious snow country), never been stuck! However wouldn't recommend unless you're mechanically inclined!

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Review Date: 24th December, 2006

1986 Cadillac DeVille Coupe 4.1 from North America


The worst car in the world!!


Well let's see where to start, the alternator went bad within two weeks of owning this car, this led to electrical problems which had left me stranded in the middle of nowhere a few times. Then I started noticing coolant leaking out of the bottom of the car. Here an unexpected leak happened out of the middle of nowhere and my electrical service light hadn't notified me. The engine started making a pop corn like noise and my car would shut off out of the middle of nowhere after I had fixed the leak, replaced the alternator, and the battery. I took it into the shop and cylinder #2 had gone bad which would've been $1500 to fix. So the bozo's that had the car before me forgot to use the special beads to lubricate the engine which was the primary cause of the engine problems.

General Comments:

This car is an all around bad car to have due to the dreaded ht 4100 engine and bad engineering. If you want a reliable car definitely do not buy this car because you'll pay more maintaining it and putting gas into it a jaw dropping 13.5 miles to the gallon average than the car is worth. Also it's very slow and hard to maneuver in a bad situation, and the seat-belts rarely lock even when the brakes are hit which has cause many of my passengers and I bruises to the head. Don't buy this car!!

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Review Date: 27th January, 2006

5th Feb 2006, 11:09

I bought an 86 Coupe from an elderly woman in 1998 for $4000. With 45,000 miles, it looked and drove like new. On the ride home, the oil pressure light came on. A new oil pump, plus a new water pump, over $ 900, and I had only driven it 5 miles.

Everything went wrong with that car in the 5 years I owned it. I finally sold it in 2003, with 70,000 miles, repaired and driving beautifully. It still looked great. A week later, it broke down on the guy I sold it to. Oil wasn't getting to the engine and destroyed it. Fortunately, the guy didn't blame me for the disaster. He gave the car away.

Listen carefully, do not buy a 86 Cadillac.


18th Jan 2009, 14:17

I agree 100%. We had one that mom bought new. I bought it from her and with the money she spent as did I we could have easily bought a new caddy and I'm not kidding.

29th Aug 2010, 22:44

There is always something going on with that vehicle. Mostly, the gas pump is always noisy. I figure out that that car has 2 of them.

It is a very nice ride when it's working.