1990 Cadillac DeVille Sedan 4.5 from North America


Luxury cruising at it's best!


Dead Battery.

Door jamb switch.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, reliable, and surprisingly quick for a Cadillac.

I'm still surprised people call it a "Baby Cadillac". It's not small, or even close, it's just not the biggest car Cadillac has made.

The interior, with the exception of the cup holder, is well thought out and very nicely executed. Nothing feels cheap or plastic like, not to mention, there's a lot of room, comfort and butter soft leather.

It has excellent gas mileage, it averages 28 mpg on the highway and about 15 in town.

The only down side is the gas it likes is premium, but it's a Caddy. Premium is the standard it was built on!

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Review Date: 13th December, 2005

14th Dec 2005, 00:38

About the Northstar comment above, the N* is much quicker than the 4.5, but the 4.5 has a great amount of low end torque, which makes it feel quite fast.

14th Dec 2005, 00:39

Yes, I've even driven a Caddy with a Northstar, I expected it to have some power, but this is pre-Northstar engine. So I was impressed.

Author of original review.

29th Dec 2005, 00:10

Where is the oil pump on 4.1 liter located and is it hard to get to?

18th Jan 2006, 03:33

Not sure about the 4.1. I'm running a 4.5. I could be wrong, but there's a chance the pump is in the fuel tank itself. I haven't had to work on mine yet at all, so it's just a guess. You may want to check out a Chilton repair manual at your library. That's what I do for anything I don't want to guess at when I work on a car.

Author of original review.

13th Nov 2006, 06:55

This car is firme.

24th Oct 2007, 17:39

Premium fuel?? Yes, it's been the standard with this GM make but since 1990, and the car in question here is an '89 model, so the original poster of the review might want to consult the owner's manual. If I remember right, regular unleaded was recommended for 1989 but Cadillac switched to Premium starting in 1990 save for the big RWD Fleetwood and the Escalade.

21st May 2008, 15:50

<<Premium fuel?? Yes, it's been the standard with this GM make...>>

The writer of the above post about premium fuel being standard since 1990 is correct. I remember that myself. The owner of this review might want to consult the car's manual to see what it needs. It seems the owner's manual is by far the most accurate source of information pertinent to automobiles as I've seen discrepancies in other various sources.

1990 Cadillac DeVille 4.5 from North America


Everything you expect, plus more


Door jamb switch on driver's door.

General Comments:

A very impressive car. Surprisingly quick for a car of it's size. The leather interior looks new, and is very plush and well designed. I love the HUGE trunk and leg room, even in the back seat! The gas milage isn't bad at all (I've had V6's do worse!), though it does need premium. Snow is no problem, it just cuts through it. I love it!

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Review Date: 1st December, 2005

1990 Cadillac DeVille 4.5 gas from North America


I wish I never traded it in; its truly a great car


Clear-coat finish has chipped off on top edge of doos and top of rear 'fins'.

Tricky and plasticky door locks either fail to open on first try or not at all. The former is more common, and can be remedied with a little strategic placement of WD-40.

One of the belts came off in my driveway, luckily. Replacement was difficult due to transverse placement of engine.

Engine developed a slight oil leak after 120 thousand miles, but never burned oil.

General Comments:

The digital dash is very 80's yet is unobtrusive and really grows on you. Also, it looks better than the analog offering for that year.

Red finish over red leather is a slick combination, and always looked good.

The throttle is a bit trigger happy. The first few times driving the car will result in whiplash, however a proper take-off technique is soon learned.

Surprisingly, all computers and electronics functioned fully, even after twelve years and 150 thousand miles.

Front wheel drive setup allows for good handling.

For a small car on the outside, its extremely roomy on the inside.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2005