1990 Cadillac DeVille sedan 4.5 V8 from North America


I love this car and am not getting rid of it


Nothing really big just the three sets of brakes a set of rotors a and a caliper, but that has a lot to do with the way I drive it. Also I have had to replace the alternator. My grandfather owned it before me and he had several problems with the alternator. And there is a high pitch sqeaul over the speakers.

But I am satisfied.

General Comments:

The 273 c.u. 4.5 v8 is very strong for a sedan like that and allowed me to go through 3 sets of tires in 6 months with no problem.

Car is a lot quicker then I expected.

Also very comfortable.

Surprisingly the Cadillac suspension floats around corners nicely.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2005

4th Jan 2005, 09:42

Maybe you are not going to get rid of it, but you clearly intend to beat on it until it blows up or wrecks.

What would gramps think of that?

5th Jan 2005, 13:41

3 sets of tires in six months?

That's pathetic.

28th Feb 2006, 16:30

You go through 3 sets in 6 months? You do not deserve to enjoy a Cadillac. You should take car of it, and respect it. You'll get more out of it. But if you truly beat it the way you say you do than you truly do not deserve this car.

22nd Mar 2007, 23:29

That's awful why would you treat a good ole' cadillac like that. What did it ever do to you.

23rd May 2007, 18:23

Man, take car of that car, because when something breaks on it, it's going to cost you a lot of money.

21st Jun 2009, 06:26

I have a black 1990 Deville on spokes with a brand new paint job. It's the best Cadillac I've ever owned. Cadillacs are made to cruise and chill, it ain't a racecar.

1990 Cadillac DeVille Sedan Spring Edition 4.5 Liter V8 from North America


Very poor representative of a once fine marque


I've replaced the ECM several times. Numerous electrical parts have been replaced. The rear windshield seal has failed, allowing the carpets to become water-logged when it rains. Inaccurate digital instruments and erratic symphony sound stereo. Worst of all the front inner fenders and strut towers have rusted and perforated. Poor body integrity with plastic front fenders and ill fitting plastic body cladding.

General Comments:

Excellent acceleration with small block V8.

Rediculously poor fuel economy for a small cadillac.

Awful electrical system.

Has cost more in repairs than original purchase cost.

Avoid these early FWD DeVille's at all cost.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2004

5th Dec 2004, 19:24

Agree 100% have all the exact problems that's kind a weird.

28th Feb 2006, 16:41

I have owned 3 of these cars. Looks like you got a bad one. Because all 3 of mine hit 300K miles before anything went wrong. A Deville is a full size car. Don't expect to get good MPG out of any V8. Though I always got around 28 with mine. Where do you live? That also has effect around here. Keep in mind that the car is 15 years old. Things are going to go wrong, such as rust and electrical. And keep in mine also that underneath those plastic fenders are steel reinforcements. All fenders are just sheet metal. Its whats underneath that is the actual structure. These cars have a 5 star crash test rating. I'm sorry for your misfortune. You must have a lemon. Mine were all good to me and I did cross country driving. Each Deville I owned ('89, '91, '93) all hit 400K miles before I got rid of them. Best cars I ever owned.

1990 Cadillac DeVille Sedan 4.5L 273ci 180hp V8 from North America


Cadillac is the all-around nicest car I've ever owned!


I've had to replace two of the tires, wich wasn't cheap (it's on 19" rims) at $300 a piece!

My rotors and brakes are bad (I think it's because of the 19" rims) so I'm going to replace those with more adequate high-performance brakes and rotors.

A few interior lights don't come on, but can be easily fixed and other than that, the rest of the electrical works perfect.

The gas-mileage could be a little better with gas prices the way they are, but I'm willing to sacrifice a little economy for performance.

General Comments:

I've owned plenty of used cars and a couple of new ones, but this one has been my favorite thus far! It's got plenty of power to spare (for a bigger car), so much so, that it's hard to say when I'll ever need more than what it's got to give!

Definitely the most comfortable car I've ever owned and despite having bad rotors, it delivers one the smoothest rides I've ever had! Even though this car was made for cruising, it's actually quite responsive.

All in all, the car is 14-years-old and all it really needs is a tune-up! Last, I need to replace the brakes and rotors that would probably still be good if the previous owner didn't put the 19's on it! Or at least upgraded the brakes to accommodate the bigger rims! So far it's been a really reliable, comfortable, fun car and I can only see things getting better provided I keep up on the maintenance!

Honestly! If I ever get another car, you can bet it's going to be a Cadillac!!

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Review Date: 15th October, 2004