29th Jun 2006, 12:27

> These cars have a 5 star crash test rating.

That means the occupant is safe in a head-on crash; it does NOT mean that the car will make it away from the accident with just a scuff on the chrome (like an early 80's boat).

A 5 star rating usually means that the car has built-in "crumple zones", and will be utterly destroyed in a lower speed crash which would cause little or no damage to a true land yacht.

23rd Mar 2007, 09:48

I highly doubt a car without any airbags has a "five star crash rating"

6th Apr 2007, 21:00

This car has an airbag.

21st Feb 2008, 23:37

I owned one and drove the hell out of it for over 3 years. Nothing ever went wrong. Car had 247,000 miles on it when I got rid of it and the only reason it did is cause I hit a deer going about 85.

Everyone who rode in it loved the way it rode and anyone who drove it loved the way it drove. Had plenty of power and got over 20 mpg.

You must have gotten a lemon.

22nd Feb 2008, 13:22

Well, when you buy a 14-year-old beater, you can expect problems regardless of what kind of badge is on the hood. You can pick up a 12-year-old Cadillac anywhere for $1,500 but it will only be a shadow of its former self, so there's no use complaining.

15th Sep 2009, 05:16

I'm considering buying one of these clunkers, but the price of $ 3000 seems very high. It's supposedly a one-owner vehicle with 76 K and a new car (not Cadillac) trade-in. Would you pay $ 1000 for it?

15th Sep 2009, 20:59

Maybe $500, not $1,000. That's just me though. I don't see much value in these vehicles.

2nd Jul 2010, 15:49

Don't think of buying one of these, I am in the process of donating and hope to GOD they take it. I inherited a 1990 Deville with 98k on it; was always garaged, bla bla bla, in a year and a half I have put on 7K miles and have to fix EGR, heater core, radiator, thermostat, water pump (still a coolant leak somewhere), A/C doesn't seem to be working as well. I use Castrol 10-40 full synthetic and change or check the fluids all the time. I AM DONE WITH THIS P.O.S.

1st Dec 2023, 05:09

You inherited a 20 year old P.O.S 1990 Cadillac Sedan DeVille. Who would have thought any car after 20 years garage kept or otherwise would be reliable? Much less a when new technical and safety luxury car marvel. With Cadillac exclusive safety and mechanical/electronic industry features?? A much better track record than today's least reliable brand Mercedes Benz. Cadillac may not be the standard of the world as it once was, but has been around and endured its ups and downs for 120 years and is still Cadillac. America's most famous Luxury brand in the world. Yes it's had its share of lemons in the world, but let's be fair. The 1989-1993 Deville was factually a solid, very safe, well engineered, well priced, popular, and produced luxury car for the last decade of the 20th century. All cars after 20 years are going to suffer reliability problems due to age. Just like the human body. No matter the mileage. Just a frame of reference and some perspective on the issue.

1st Dec 2023, 19:27

Yes, the 4.5 & 4.9 V8's of the time were the last wave of reliable Cadillac built engines. Forget the previous 4.1, and the Northstar that came after. It's a toss up on which was worse, though the Northstar had excellent acceleration.