1995 Cadillac Deville from North America


Like the car, despite coming maintenance expenses for failing transmission


The car's automatic transmission doesn't work in reverse. The problem is worse when reversing uphill. I suspect I'll be replacing the transmission soon.

Driver's seat back appears torqued, or twisted away from it's original straight forward position.

The car is only getting 20 mpg on the highway. I suspect this may be related to the transmission problem.

General Comments:

The car gives the ride one would expect from a Cadillac. It is quiet.

I found it to be surprisingly peppy for a car its size! Long rides on the highway are relaxing and stress free.

Electronic instrumentation is working as expected. Nice to be able to see Instant and Average MPG. Outside temperature is a plus as temperatures transition to above and below freezing.

The sound system is original... and excellent!

The trunk is remarkably large, and probably holds as much as older station wagons!

Anti-lock brakes work fine, and make the car fairly safe to drive on snow and ice!

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Review Date: 4th December, 2004

1995 Cadillac Deville 4.9L from North America


A lot of flash for little cash!


The service ride control light comes on. I called dealer and they said if it rides ok, it's probably just a sensor (few hundred $$).

The seat cushioning wore flat (probably a heavy 1st owner), and seat back looks like it's moving where it meets the bottom, but could be the bottom leather sliding forward???

Does not have ability to have heat come out dash vents, only floor vents.

Windshield wiper on passengers side stopped working in ice storm. Drivers side still functions properly, probably broken linkage?

General Comments:

I only put about 7,000 miles on the car, but so far has been a reliable car. (except the ride control). It handles a lot better than I expected. I taken off ramps at highway speeds. It has good acceleration for it's size and measly 200hp 4.9L V8. I wanted the North star, but if I had the 270-300hp, I'd only beat on the car. Surprisingly my De Ville gets 30 miles per gallon at 70 miles per hour on the highway according to the computer. Less MPG @ 55 MPH. You can almost fit a Yugo in the trunk! I'm 5' 11" and have trouble reaching the things in the back of the trunk. And unlike my Chevy Tahoe, it has cup holders that work!!!

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Review Date: 18th January, 2004

10th Jul 2008, 15:23

The windshield wiper could just be a loose screw. The same thing happened to the driver's side wiper in my 95 DeVille and the bolt (screw?) just needed tightening down.

1995 Cadillac Deville 4.9 from North America


A poor excuse for a Cadillac


Power steering pump went out, very expensive to repair.

Engine is making a knocking noise while engine is running.

Now the engine is making a rattle noise under a load.

Car makes a high pitch noise while going down the highway.

General Comments:

This car has been nothing, but a headache from day one, all I do is repair it and it gets very costly.

However it has great power and handling, fuel economy is great, but I would never buy another one again.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2003

18th Oct 2003, 12:56

Well For one it had 160k on it when you bought it so of course you should expect problems.

The knocking noise is normal. all 4.9's do it it is just the main cam bearing making noise. Cadillac says it will not affect anything.

4th Dec 2003, 19:23

Sometimes engine noise can be attributed to belt driven accessories IE: AC, alternator, PS, and water pump. Bearings in the pulleys can wear and they get noisy and need replacing.

29th Jun 2008, 10:50

You shouldn't complain about those minor problems for a car with so many miles on it. You don't really expect a car with 160,000 miles on it to run like-new do you?

1995 Cadillac Deville Sedan 4.9L from North America


I love my car, it's simply the best car


Not too many things, but my motor mount, and my radiator busted. I'm just wondering if this is the kind of thing that usually goes wrong. And my driver seat just the insert has began to tear.

What can I do to better maintain my car. Any tips of what I can do to keep my car in better shape. And if you have a name of a site that can tell me all this in detail? How often should I give my car a tune-up?

General Comments:

My car is very comfortable and highly accomodating. And I think it is one of the safest car out there. And it's quick on it's take off, except for right now because I have to replace the motor mount.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003

16th Mar 2004, 09:44

My father in law owns a 1995 DeVille, and he just had to replace the motor mount at @ 90,000 miles as well. It must be a common problem. Otherwise, a beautiful car. He says it is the best Cadillac he has owned.

13th Oct 2004, 15:00

I love my Caddy! The 95 was a nice year, not to square and not all bubbly. However with 139,389 miles I have replaced the Front passenger side motor mount (the fluid filled one). and the upper mount. I have also put a new right side CV axle in it. As of right now my wipers don't work and when you turn on the switch it smokes out of the column by the switch. I believe I need a new wiper motor. Also after I replaced the lower motor mount I now have no A/C or Auto heat control. When turned on the dash man tells me A/C Compressor off and low refrigerant. I have checked the pressure and the fuses for the pressure switch and it still don't turn on. I may have a wire pinched I still gotta check. Anyway like I said I love my caddy and this stuff wouldn't discourage me any from buying another.

4th Nov 2004, 15:35

I have a 95 deville with 87,000 miles on it. It still runs like an dream and rides beautifully. I bought it at 60,000 miles and have had it 3 years. I have replaced the windshield wiper motor and the blower motor. The belt tensioner needs replacing, it causes a "whine" under the hood, but causes no problems other than noise. I have yet to replace the brakes and tires. I have taken it on several trips of over 3,000 miles each and it does great. Very comfortable, lots of power and the trunk can accommodate just about anything I buy along the way.

25th Jul 2006, 19:27

I have a 1995 Sedan DeVille, which was purchased new.

I have now three hundred and twenty thousand miles.

This is my third Cadillac. The only repairs were a complete tune up, which cost me six hundred dollars.

I love my Cadillac. July 24, 2006.

I also put in three sets of brakes.

Runs like a charm.

1995 Cadillac Deville Concours Northstar from North America


A high performance big car.


Wheels will occasionally throw off a balancing weight, requiring return to tire shop for balancing.

Power antenna required straightening before it would to up and down completely.

General Comments:

Car has outstanding power. Never a problem passing trucks, etc. on the freeway.

The Concours has enough room to haul my friends around comfortably (I'm 6'3). No one ever has to "cram" into a back seat that is too small.

Car is very quiet. Simple to hear cell phone calls when placed on speaker. I have taken the Concours on several trips of over 300 miles without a problem.

If you can handle a big car, this is the one.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

5th Jul 2003, 19:34

I have a 1996 Deville sedan with 54000 miles. It has been into 3 different dealers to repair what shows as "service emissions system". None of the dealers have been able to find anything wrong. What is the problem?

14th Aug 2003, 23:23

When the "Service Emissions System" message comes up, press the off and warmer buttons on the climate control display simultaneously until all the LED's light up on the dash. Should take about 5 seconds. Then let go, and the codes will read off in the message display area. They will tell you the number and whether or not it is current or history.

Good luck!