1999 Cadillac DeVille Base Northstar from North America


Battery replaced at 50k.

Auto headlamps have never worked well-they come on when its sunny and won't come on when it's a cloudy day!

Gas cap cover freezes in real cold weather.

Engine sometimes stalls, not very often.

In 2007 the steering knuckle and front wheel assembly were replaced at 82k-very expensive (over 2k)

General Comments:

Overall, an excellent car for the money. I buy these types of cars when they are 1-2 yrs old so they have depreciated some.

This car has held up very well over the years, never has broken down and has only failed to start once-right after I tried to program the door locks. I reset it and it started right up. The paint finish still looks like new and the interior has only minor wear for a car that is used daily.

Excellent power.

Handling is fair, some roll around tight corners.

Very spacious and comfy ride (although not as good as my wife's 2003 Town Car)

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Review Date: 10th June, 2007

1999 Cadillac DeVille Roadster 4.9 V8 from North America


Cadillac's classy, roomy, powerful, and reliable family cruiser!


At 40000 miles, the battery was replaced. No other problems with the car.

General Comments:

To be honest with you, this gorgeous white roadster is superb on the road with lots of power. It's extremely comfortable, has a huge trunk, and could easily pass as a classy family sedan. It's extremely reliable, fine on gas, and would strongly recommend anyone out there looking for a Cadillac like this one to go out and get one. They're a joy to drive and own.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2006

1999 Cadillac DeVille DTS NorthStar from North America


As used a value with some problems


Cruise control on/off button on steering wheel failed.

Timing sensors failing.

General Comments:

Believe this car is a great value and would be an incredible value if the quality of components were similar to Lexus, Toyota or Infinity.

Comfort, Power, amenities all superior to other cars owned.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2004

1999 Cadillac DeVille from North America


Great value if you buy used


Left rear door always failed to close easily. Must use a firm closing motion or it remains ajar.

General Comments:

I have a 1999 De Ville Sedan with 52,000 miles on the original set of tires. My inside driver's door did not have one of those tire pressure notifications glued to the side. I always thought 35 psi was the standard so that is what was set for the first 50,000-miles. I recently checked the Internet and found the recommended tire pressure. Also, the mechanic at the Cadillac dealer confirmed the specifications call for 30 psi front and back.

The vibration problem started AFTER I decreased the Michelin XW4 tire pressure from 35 psi to 30 psi and after about 2,000-miles of travel. I reduced the air pressure back up to 35 psi and the vibrations lessened. A couple days later I got a left-rear flat. The tire was worn in a cuffed area about 3 inches by 2 inches on the outside tread.

I took the tire to a tire store. The counter guy there said the belt had slipped and would compensate me $75.00. I was so elated that I told the guy to put 4 new tires on and toss the Michelins in the trash. I ended up getting a set of Kumho 795 Touring A/S P225/60R-16 97S BSW, Excellent All-Season Performance, Tread-wear: 560 Traction: A Temperature: B and meets or exceeds original equipment speed rating. These tires have a 75,000-mile warranty. I expected a "hard" ride. But to my surprise they ride soft and quiet.

But most importantly, the vibration is gone. I'm back to a smooth and straight drive.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2004

26th Oct 2005, 18:09

Is this the base DeVille? Or a Concours?


30th Jul 2006, 14:16

We have a 1999 Pearl White Cadillac Deville and we really enjoy the smooth ride and comfort it gives us.

Lots of leg room too! One push of a botton and the driver's seat sets itself to what you like, and at the same time sets the temperature of the car and the radio station to your favorite station! Then with the push of another button, it set the seat, temperature, and radio for the next driver.And if thats not enough for you it even has massageing seats,you can feel it roll up and down you whole back!

I like it - just push a button to pop up the trunk, push a button and your gas cover pops open.

I love the fold down light up mirrors - two in the front and two in the back as well, and the nice fold out cup holders for front and back seats.

And it even tells you if you're going North, South, East or West with the little built in light in your rear view mirror.

I could go on forever, but I tell you, you're sure to find true comfort.

Debbie LaGant Texas.

27th Sep 2007, 13:30

1999 Cadillac De Ville : If I accelerate too fast before 6/7 mph, I get an ABS or Traction Engaged light. I will turn off the engine and back on again, the lights go off. If I start off slowly up to 6/7 mph everything is fine. Tires, spline in axle, differential problem, sensor? I don't know. Been to the Cadillac dealer 4 times now, and they can't say for certain.

28th Jul 2009, 09:25

Sounds like a sensor.

30th Jul 2010, 17:55

I guess you guys lucked out. I have the DeVille DTS, and the head bolt holes are drilled incorrectly at time of manufacture, and GM knows of it because they have a recall on these engines. But will not fix all of them. The recall is campaign number 99086. Pretty bad when you can't even bolt the heads onto the block. This is a piece of garbage that the company will not fix without a court case. So get your engine checked for this problem, or your head gaskets are ready to go. Good luck with such high priced trash.