1999 Cadillac DeVille DTS 4.6 Northstar from North America


I purchased this car because the body looked great. I thought all I had to do is put $500 into head gaskets, and install them myself because I am a good engine builder. I found out on the Internet that the engines in this year were not drilled properly, and a customer satisfaction recall was created by GM. My engine was measured through the procedures as laid out by GM, and they will not honour their own recall. This is a disgrace to the manufacturer, and with our consumer protection laws, how can they get away with this? This is misrepresentation of the product, and should never have been sold in this condition. GM knows the error is drilling the block holes that are improper, and still does not want to fix the garbage they made. The customer satisfaction recall is campaign number 99086.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2010

30th Aug 2012, 15:04

How they get away with it is the easy part. They buy and sell policy makers like people buy toilet paper.

Don't give up, and let them know you mean business, and hopefully more people will jump on board.

They knew about the problem with that engine since they first started using Northstar engines, since it was Allante exclusive engine. Since not many people bought the Allante, they had nothing to worry about. Then they took those same engines, and by 95 every model had it, and the last one that didn't, the Fleetwood, they discontinued it in 96.

Only way to get these people to change is to buy from some other maker. If people keep complaining, but still buy the products, they ain't going to change a single thing until they get around to it, which they supposedly did in 2002-2003 time period, over a decade after the problem was noticed.

And don't get me wrong, I love Cadillac cars, and their designs from the 1920s all the way up to now, but that early Northstar was crap. In the past though, they usually fixed a problematic engine swiftly, i.e. the 8-6-4 engine, the diesel, the early 4.1. When they were outed as problematic, they didn't stay in production very long. I guess when the bean counters took over, that quality assurance went out the window.

Good news though, I heard they are ending Northstar, so now I can enjoy the modern Cadillacs without worrying about that engine. Thought I would have to stick with the 95 Fleetwood forever, which ain't a bad car at all, last of the classic Cadillacs, but of course not up to modern standards. It still rides better, but it's getting gray around the muzzle, and is ready to be a pure every 8th Sunday car, and sit pretty in the garage.

31st Aug 2012, 21:17

The 8-6-4 was actually a good engine, using the same tooling as the big reliable 500 and 425 CID engines.

If the cylinder deactivation system started to misbehave, simply unplug it and you had a solid cast iron engine that was reliable and got about 14 MPG.

1999 Cadillac DeVille Concours 50th Anniversary 4.6 from North America


I think this 50th Anniversary Edition is an awesome car


I purchase this car when I went home to Indiana in the early part of June 2010. I had no idea that I would purchase this gem. I live in San Diego, CA.

I had been looking for just the car, but whenever I went online or to various dealers, all were over priced and not as pristine as they claimed. Also, the majority of the DeVilles had over 100K miles.

I visited a car lot back home as I stated, and lo and behold, there she was, a 1999 Caddie DeVille Concours 50th Anniversary Edition, Polo Green, half vinyl top with the band across it. The interior was immaculate leather for an eleven year old car. I couldn't believe my eyes to see that it had only 92,500 miles, and minor surface scratches to say the least.

The dealer was the same owner as when I purchased my first hot rod muscle car back in the early 70's. I asked if the asking price was a joke ($4,295). I thought this was a steal since all the California area was asking almost 40% more. I drove it, and the ride was what I had anticipated; smooth and quiet. I purchased the car and drove cross country back to San Diego. Had its smog test (California Emissions) <> (it passed), and registered.

This is a beautiful car, and I have had many good compliments, and what a mint condition car, and not one I have seen as of yet has the half vinyl top as I have.

Everything is original, and the chrome factory wheels don't have a blemish on them.

The only thing I have invested in was changing the dual mufflers to the quiet turbo performance mufflers.

I had to replace the electric antenna, because on the original, the nylon cable had broke inside the unit. I went to the salvage yard and picked one just like it for $20; installed it and you would never know that it came from the junk yard.

I will keep this car for a very long time, as I feel this is my dream car, and my investment will soon pay for itself, except for that long drive of over 2,200 miles cross country.

General Comments:

Everyone should own a pre 2000 Cadillac. You just don't know what you're missing.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2010

11th Mar 2017, 03:22

1999 Cadillac Deville Concours Golden Anniversary Editions were all painted white with gold trim. White Diamond paint. I won't bet the farm, but I don't think you have a golden anniversary model if it is polo green.