15th Apr 2001, 19:08

If you ever buy any used Cadillac with one of their HT engines (HT4100), (HT4500) A.K.A 4.5 liter, or (HT4900) A.K.A 4.9 liter, make sure you have it checked out by a Cadillac dealer before buying. The HT engines require a special engine sealer that must be added to the antifreeze everytime the antifreeze is changed. The sealer protects the engines gaskets from getting destroyed from the chemical reaction caused by the mixture of ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and aluminum (the engine block). Many owners take their car to jiffy lube or some other backyard shop and these places fail to add the sealer to the antifreeze. So when the engine is about to blow a headgasket, the owner trades it in to make it another persons problem.

12th Jun 2001, 10:31

I got my 88 DeVille from my Dad. He told me it was a good car but to drive it with care (don't put the pedal to the metal).

Well I did and I usually do. Every time I rev the engine in city driving (El Paso TX "desert hot") the engine overheats and the coolant reservoir boils over. Then when I want to start it up again, the engine is so hot it just won't start. It cranks up as if the battery were almost dead. I have to wait for it to cool down.

Another problem is the compressor that pumps air to the air suspension. It keeps turning on all day and all night long. "CAR IS LEVELING" the information center says. This is troubling because I fear it will wear out my battery. What can I do?

I really like it and don't want to trade it in, but this overheating problem is especially annoying.

What can I do to lift the rear end up? It sags as if it had a full load. The air shocks are too expensive to replace. Any tips? Or should I just get rid of it?


16th Oct 2001, 15:06

I just bought my first 1988 Cadi. It is the last of a dying breed. Pure class, and attention to detail. With a butter smooth ride after 14 years on the road, it can do no wrong!

2nd Nov 2001, 10:16

I just had the shocks replaced on my 89 Fleetwood. The replacement shocks were supposed to be self leveling, but when I went to pick up the car, I was told that the self-leveling would not fit and so regular shocks were put on. Does this make sense? It cost only half what self-leveling would have, but what about the integrity of the car? And what about if I want to use the car to pull a horse trailer? I have had this car forever and plan to keep it. Comments please. Thanks.

25th Nov 2001, 15:22

I have a 1988 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, in fabulous condition and 107,000 miles. I absolutely love this car. I like that I can use the climate control interface to access trouble codes and know what the car is doing, or not doing. I bought the car with 88,000 miles on it and it handles and rides like a dream. Until today I've had no problems with it whatsoever. Today I found water in the oil. Reading through the comments on this web site, I found out why it happened. I bought the car from a dealer, but they never told me about adding the special sealer to the anti-freeze. I've always maintained my own cars for the most part, so naturally when I changed the anti-freeze and did not add the sealer, I created my own problem. I like this car enough that I am going to do everything I can to get the head gaskets replaced. I definitely want to keep the car.

22nd Jan 2002, 16:20

I am the proud owner of the 1988 cadillac 4.5L, I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who enjoys driving a reliable, classy car. It has yet to dissapoint me (4Years). CADILLAC #1.

24th Jan 2002, 13:30

I have an '89 Cadillac Sedan Deville and there isn't anything that would make me wish I bought something else. The engine is excellent and rides very well. The only problem that I've had was the transmission needed to be replaced, but I knew this before I bought the car... Which was no problem considering that I only paid a $1000 for the car from a family member.

1st Mar 2002, 15:23

I have owned a 1988 Cadillac Sedan DeVille for 8 years. It has been an incredibly smooth ride, however the air conditioning has not worked for 5 years. I have spent hundreds of dollars to fix it every summer, to no avail. I was finally told that this particular year has a chronic a/c problem. So, here I am in Florida with four kids, a smooth ride and an unbearably hot car for most of the year! Time to get a new car; though I will miss the luxury of a Caddy ride.

18th May 2002, 22:11

I bought my 88 sedan De-ville 6 months ago. I love it!!! It feels just as roomy as my 77 Fleetwood brougham. I am now chasing all the custom performance parts that I can find to fit. Granted the search is limited, but I have a few ideas. I do not plan to sell it. It has been dependable investment.

30th Oct 2002, 19:17

I just bought a 88 sedan deville from a friend and have had a lot of problems with the car. The a/c control panel and the fuel data center do not work,and the charging system has problems too. It is currently being repaired, but the repair shop is having great difficulty finding parts for the car since cadillac has stopped manufacturing the parts. It is becoming a nightmare. I am sure others have had great luck with the car. The interior is designed well and the car rides great, I just wish I could get it running right.

31st Oct 2002, 09:57

I bought my 1988 caddy for $3500 with 90000 miles 4 years ago. I have replaced several minor parts over the years, but this is by far the most dependable car I have ever owned. It has 140,000 miles on it now and I still drive it daily and it makes a trip from Phoenix to Arkansas every year. The car has style and class and I would never trade it. Vintage describes it best.

James E. Woods

Phoenix, AZ.

6th Dec 2002, 15:55

I bought my 1988 sedan devil after my 2001 ford focus zx3 caught on fire. It was cheaper to buy that than to rent a car. Well the cadillac has been the best riding car I have ever had, I had to do some minor work such as brakes and tires. I am having one problem the service soon light comes on every once in a while I have no idea what causes it. The car runs great. I am also having some a/c issues such as "SERVICE A/C" and it still works fine. Other than that I don't think I will ever own anything, but a cadillac.

Matt key cape coral fl.

30th Jan 2003, 12:38

I love my 1988 Cadillac Deville Coupe. I only have one problem and really need some help! The "Service Air Conditioner" light keeps coming on and the controls automatically switch to "economy mode". I had the a/c changed out to the new a/c system, thinking this would stop the problem. It didn't! All of the hoses, o-rings, orfice, lines, etc. have been replaced. Everything is new, to include the compressor. I have taken it to the shop and they say "no codes exist" and they can't figure out what is wrong. If anyone else has encountered this problem and had it resolved, please let me know.