1988 Cadillac DeVille 4.5 V8 from North America


Stereo is completely gone.

Stabilizer motor is shot.

Trunk pull down motor is shot.

Electronic windows are very sluggish.

General Comments:

First off, I love the 4.5 V8. When I first purchased the car all I could think of was not having the power my Formula had. I guess I was wrong, I mean it still doesn't beat a 350hp. V8 Formula, but it does the job. I'm currently in the process of restoring the entire car, not to say that it needs anything major, but more like updates. By the time I'm done I hope to keep some of the cars classic features, but at the same time give it a few touches of today.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2002

1988 Cadillac DeVille 4.5L from North America


Don't depend on it as daily transportation


This model of Cadillac has to be the worst ever made. The day we took it home the engine died while the car was idling in our driveway, the only mileage it had seen was from the dealer to here, a 10 minute drive.

The 2nd engine lasted until 80,000 kms. 3rd lasted roughly 75,000. Not being under warranty anymore, and already having just about every part replaceable replaced, we had to drop another engine in again. We wouldn't get what the car was worth otherwise.

This engine was showing signs of wear for a while, but we kept on using it anyway. But this time instead of the engine dying the transmission did.

We still have the car, with all the new parts it has there is no way we'll ever get our money back. It'll probably see a junk yard transmission in the near future.

General Comments:

This car handles quite well.

The trunk and interior are both a decent size. Both front and rear seats could see improvements, for long trips they are quite painful.

Previous years with the same body style are problem prone as well. We thought with the new engine this wouldn't be, but we were wrong.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2001

31st Mar 2001, 14:44

Get a real Cadillac 1988 deVille, mine still runs great for almost 14 years and is in perfect condition. Plus is a daily driver. Just because you got riped by some backyard dealer does not show that the car is bad, but that you are not very smart. And my deVille is one of the best cars I have ever driven expecialy for its age.