1988 Cadillac DeVille sedan unsure from North America


Love this car, its old, but beautiful


Failed emissions at inspection.

Service soon light is coming on.

Paint is peeling, (what do you want for 19 years old)

If anyone has any advice for this engine service light, please hit me up. all fluids are full and I'm guessing this might be a common problem with these cars.

Overall so far its ridden nice, though I wish it passed inspection.

General Comments:

Love this car, got it for next to nothing. it rides so nice, its comfortable and has power everything.

I flunked emissions so I just today had the cat converter replaced.

Service soon light comes on after being on highway.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2007

29th Mar 2007, 18:37

It is better the "service soon" light comes on and not the "service now". I have found that the "service soon" light in these Cadillacs are fairly accurate in trying to indicate there is a problem, no matter how minor. I usually find that the light will go off if the right thing is adjusted. It's a pain in the neck, but don't disregard the light.


31st Dec 2007, 00:35

Mine does that too, I'm guessing its the oxygen sensor (02 sensor). It also contributes to bad emissions if it has failed. They need replacing around 90-100k.

3rd Jan 2013, 09:58

I too have an 88 Caddy Deville, and my service soon light comes on, but what's weird about it is it comes on when I start it, but goes off when it is put into drive, and always seems to come back on in the same spot on my daily drive to work.

My question would be, did you have anything modified on the car such as exhaust, engine etc? I heard that when these models are modified, it causes the engine lights and service lights to come on.

Just wondering, because I did modify the exhaust with a Flowmaster exhaust to give it a little rumble.

1988 Cadillac DeVille Sedan De Ville 4.5 V8 from North America


The best car I have had


AC has not worked since previous owner

EGR Solenoid needed replaced in 1999

Brake lines needed replaced in 2000 (car spent almost 15 of 18 years in heavily salted winters)

Fuel center gave bad reading once in 2001

Headliner dropped in 2002

Minor leak in rear main seal noticed 2002

Replaced transmission gasket/filter 2003

Replaced water pump/head gasket etc in 2003 (dealership did a coolant flush and added way not enough anti-freeze, just happened that it hit below zero the next month)

Tape player died 2004

Rear brakes replaced in 2006

Exhaust switched in 2006

Radiator side tank cracked/replaced 2006

Front passenger window motor is slow.

General Comments:

This is/was my Baby. Bought it for 2k from my uncle who bought it when it was approximately a year old. I drove from coast to coast in 56 hours by myself in this. I stopped every 350 miles for gas, and took 3 actual breaks. Never a hitch in the functioning of my Baby. I have never had a major mechanical problem that could not be explained by either environment or maintenance. I kept the engine clean and changed out all fluids on a regular service schedule. Always I use synthetic oil and high quality filters. I NEVER babied this car as far as driving I have taken it off road and over curbs out of necessity, and pushed it for every one of it's 155 for pleasure, but could still get between 33 and 36 MPG if I drove it just a certain way on the highway. Did almost every bit of the work on this car myself, and all routine maintenance and tune ups. Mine was just destroyed 4 weeks ago when an F-350 ran a red light going well over 50 MPH. She saved my life. I just bought another one out of AZ in hopes that it will treat me as well. Would be happy to answer any questions as my schedule allows (USMC Infantry, and I don't own a computer) and would like to hear any suggestions for modifications that anyone has.


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Review Date: 23rd July, 2006