1988 Cadillac DeVille sedan 4.5-liter V8 from North America


A comfortable car that can be bought for cheap and fixed up to turn heads


Brakes wore out at 87,000 miles.

Small crack in lower portion of windshield.

Top radiator hose blew at 89,500 miles.

Driver's-side window shattered at 89,600 (No known cause).

Battery replaced at 89,600.

General Comments:

I bought this car for $700 and it runs like a champ. Considering its age, I'm pretty surprised nothing expensive has gone wrong with it.

I just had it painted since the old paint was very worn, and it now looks almost brand-new.

I was used to smaller Japanese GT's (4 Mazda RX-7's, 2 Toyota Supras), so this is by far the most comfortable car I've ever owned. I bought it for less and like it more than anything else I've had.

It starts immediately and drives nearly perfect.

My only real complaint at all is the gas mileage. It's definitely thirsty, but it's worth every penny I've pumped into it. I'm simply in love with it.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2005

31st Dec 2007, 00:19

How much did the repaint cost?

1988 Cadillac DeVille Sedan de Ville 4.5 Litre V8 from North America


Great, but pricey car for an 18 year old


I bought the car from a friend. In the past couple of years, the car has blown out 9 air conditioning pumps (current one is blown) $425.00. Goes through front disk brakes very quickly. (usually still under warranty.) Rear door panel is falling off. Passenger power-seat motors are going out, they make a horrible grinding noise when adjusting. The rear shocks are still relatively new, but the car still sags. Motor Mounts have been changed four or five times in the past year. The twilight sentinel is temperamental, and seems to work when it wants. The fuel information system often displays incorrect readings. The "auto-dim" mirror has stopped working and is unknown as to why. (no way to fix it.) Outside key holes on both doors are acting up; they try to eat your key. (Driver's side stopped working completely.) Needs an oil change every two thousand miles. (if you go 3000mi. a rod will start to knock.) The front disk brakes squeak no matter what efforts are made to fix it. "Service Soon" light turns on while driving, no mechanical defects, the "Engine Coolant" lid fails to stay latched. Transmission needed to be replaced around 150,000. $500.00.

General Comments:

Despite all of the problems, I love this car, and I plan to keep it until it dies.

Runs strong when tuned. Gets very good gas mileage on the highway. (considering its weight and large engine.)

Interior could use some work, large tear in driver's seat (covered when you're driving.) The rear seats are still in "brand new" condition. The heater (only climate control feature that works) will roast you in only a matter of minutes.

I love all of the comfort and convenience features. The trunk especially. The only car I've owned that it pops all the way up, and closes by it's self. Auto headlights, a must for any teen that is on-the-go.

Basically, besides all of the minor problems, for only having the car about a month, I love it!

Gas is just on the pricey side though. In Utah, where gas is 2.20 for mid-grade, can't afford to fill it up all the time. Just a helpful hint to fellow DE Ville owners, with 2 gallons (fuel information center data) you have about a mile to find a service station.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2004

17th Feb 2005, 12:38

This car is only 16 years old.

2nd Jul 2007, 23:56

I have had the car for about three years. No major problems - it's in great condition, passed inspection. Everything works like new. I also agree with the 2 gallon thing; it happened to me as well. I wanted to sell it for an upgrade, but I can't let it go. I have about 119000 miles on it and have never gotten a tune up. I go about 80 miles a day to class and to work. This car has been by my side since 2004. If you keep up on the minor work like oil changes, tire rotation, change liquids, and radiator flush, it will be fine. Gas has been eating away my change. I'm only 20. In New Jersey gas isn't so high and I don't use regular gas. I use pluse, 89 last longer.

10th Sep 2009, 17:17

I bought a new 88 Deville Coupe in 87, I drove it until 97 and sold it. Recently I was driving thru the country and spotted the same car sitting next a barn, I bought it again cheap as a fixer upper. I need a grill, a headlight assy. and a good cleanup. the car still looks pretty good. This time I will drive it till it falls apart if I don't first.

9th Oct 2009, 11:20

I bought an 88 Sedan DeVille from an elderly friend of my Mother's whose husband had recently died. She was too small to drive the Cadillac.

Drove from Virginia through the South and back out West to Seattle trouble free. This car virtually flew up mountains and across plains. Could drive 8 or 9 hours and get out of it feeling like going dancing. This was several years ago, in my late 50s... quite a commentary on the comfort of this car~~!!?? And reliability.

Regarding fuel... this engine does NOT require high grade; check the manual; it uses Regular. Mother's friend always put in Premium, but my mechanic said it isn't necessary at all. Runs beautifully with Regular; so save yourselves some money, eh?

Also, helps to keep the alignment correct; tires wear well with proper alignment.

This car is smooth, well designed and beyond comfortable for one of the smaller Cadillacs. A joy to own and drive!!