15th Apr 2001, 08:08

My 68 Sedan Deville has covered just 32000 miles from new. It was imported to England in 1991 by a friend who never used it!!! Since purchase it has undergone a total repaint in pale yellow. There are only 6 1968 sedans in Britain and mine has the lowest mileage.

P.S. The A/C has packed up.

28th Apr 2001, 18:21

Ahoy there matey's, hoist the main sail and then throw the anchor!

You may be able to do 0-60 in 8 seconds, but what happens when you get to a corner?

21st May 2001, 20:29

I have a "68" caddy convertible that runs great. Your right the 472ci really has some power to move this car. I have considered selling it recently because of lack of time to keep car maintained properly. I can say everytime that it goes for a ride it turns many heads.

15th Jun 2001, 16:15

Why do you take it to the drag-strip?? It's not a camaro. You'll need a new "collectors" engine pretty soon. You should treat it better.

28th Sep 2001, 10:48

Just purchased a '68 Coupe Deville with 21,000 original miles on it and the car is like new... It runs very nice and very strong... I love it...


6th Feb 2003, 19:16

Check out the latest edition of Car Craft magazine in which an '82 Deville D'elegance Coupe wins their annual "real street eliminator" contest. This car runs 11.80s at 116mph in the quarter mile and placed second in the auto cross event (by one half of a second), edging out TWO Camaros and finishing only behind a purpose built, corner carving '76 trans am. Where's your Camaro now buddy?

28th May 2003, 08:09

I purchased my 1968 Sedan DeVille Hardtop from the original owners, my parents, in 1982. My car has 62,000 original miles, the air conditioner is still working perfectly and the vinyl roof looks new. The power door locks will unlock, but will not re-lock. This is the only feature that is not fully operational. With the exception of the tires and some new hoses everything is original including the paint.

It is a great car and provides a lot of enjoyment with very little expense.

Regards, Tom


27th Apr 2004, 20:15

What about corners? Many people would be surprised just how Cadillacs can corner. My '71 Fleetwood Brougham can easily go 45 mph. in a curve marked "speed limit 35 mph." Not much body lean (thanks to the well-thought-out suspension and anti-sway bar) and the tires don't even squeal.

12th Jul 2004, 14:12

Long live Cadillac 472 and 500 motors. I have used these motors in several hot rod/street rods, and swear by them. They have more power stock than most other motors, and will run forever. As for gas mileage, my 472 (in a 1941 Caddy coupe), will give me 17 MPG. My Chevrolet pickup with a 305 will only give me 15 on a good day, and we will not comment on the difference in power.

5th Nov 2005, 10:49

I bought a 66 Deville convertible in 1980 for $ 2,000. It had 54,000 miles on it. A beautiful powder blue, with leather interior, it would probably sell on Ebay now for $25,000. However, it seemed that everything, but the running gear needed work. Air conditioning was not installed, however, power windows, exhausts, brake hydraulic lines all needed extensive repair.

Other than numerous repairs, that car drove like a dream. Eight miles to a gallon was the rule, city or country. I finally sold it in 1984 for $ 1,900. I still pine away for this car 21 years after I sold it.

29th May 2006, 02:50

For the record, the last year that Cadillacs had wood paneling on the door panels and dash was 1969. It was very thin on the '69s, but it was real wood. This info is from several Cadillac enthusiasts and also from literature. For instance, the '69 brochure says, "Wood paneling enhances the dignity of the Sixty-Special's many upholstery fabrics and colors."

Also, in the book, "Illustrated Cadillac Buyer's Guide," it says, "Lavish wood trim on the 1966 Fleetwood Brougham diminished to a thin veneer by 1969 and has been vinyl or plastic ever since."

Note- real wood did reappear in Cadillacs some time in the '80s.

15th Oct 2008, 00:08

I became a motorhead because of my uncle and his 1969 Green Cadillac Deville Convertible. He just passed away and gave it to me. I own other sports cars that are fast and corner well. This is not what this car is about. For its size it has the heart of a sports car. It is a fantastic cruiser. I relax the moment I sit behind the wheel. At 4800lbs, and 21 feet, this is an amazing machine. It will gulp gasoline and fart a Prius. I live in a part of Southern California where expensive cars are at every corner yet people walk up to take a picture with this car? Enjoy.