11th Dec 2014, 22:51

Thanks for that!!!

I checked out the links, and it's really great seeing old road test articles from back in the day when these cars were new.

These were the days when Cadillac was truly special, sharing very little with other GM makes besides for the X-Frame. The engine and tranny were strictly Cadillac. The body shapes, trim, interior components, seats, accessories; all unique to Cadillac.

Unlike today where platform sharing has only gotten worse as time progresses; the new Cadillacs IMO aren't real Cadillacs like these old ones are.

12th Dec 2014, 18:33

Is this a coupe or a sedan?

28th Dec 2014, 05:20

Glad to provide info!!!

Hey - do you know if there is truth to the rumor that the key to the high oil consumption of the 1963-1967 Cadillacs was the siamesed cylinder bores?

Just wondering :)


28th Dec 2014, 22:54

I believe so, there's really nothing anyone can do about it unless you like replacing piston rings. Not all 429's do it, it just depends on how each one came from the factory. I haven't noticed any oil burning after replacing the fuel pump so far because the fuel pump was dumping gas into the oil, thinning it out so bad that I wasn't getting an accurate reading. So this was my issue.


Well I fixed the idle and carb problem I was having. First and foremost, don't always TRUST SHOPS!! Research by getting yourself a shop manual. It'll be your best friend and your most reliable source as shops are trying to get you in and out as fast they can.

Supposedly this carb shop I went to, to have my car worked on, was one of the best around, so I took my car there. Well after getting the car back and driving it home, within a mile of driving, the car was hesitating badly, smelled like gas, and eventually stalled out. I was pissed to say the least, knowing I spent all this money, and the Caddy is not running right. I took it back thinking they would know what's wrong, and again, I was still having the same problems!!

I finally took it upon myself after being fed up with this place, I got a shop manual, and decided to remove the carb and inspect to see if they screwed something up. Sure enough, I found one of the main problems. The idiot mechanics put the stainless steel shim that is needed for the carb to idle correctly, on the intake manifold first with no gasket! This caused the carb to leak gas on the edges of the carb base, and it was hardly able to stay running because air was being sucked into it. The shim goes on top of the carb last, not on the bottom. So basically I put the gaskets, shim, and spacer plate in the correct order, which fixed the problem, plus the idiot mechanics installed the throttle linkage on backwards, thus causing the engine to idle very low and stall sometimes.

Anyways the Cad is running much better, and I hope to tackle more repair stuff in the coming year.

29th Dec 2014, 13:53

Since he ain't answering, assume sedan.

O L car.