25th Feb 2002, 16:34

It's pretty narrow-minded of you to say that only a large and heavy car can be luxurious and smooth-riding. Anyone who has ever driven a Lexus, Mercedes, Infinity, or a Jaguar would tell you a completely different story. These cars have traditionally been very powerful, and very smooth-riding, while not even leaning an inch in corners, and as far as build quality is concerned: They are amongst the most reliable in the world (minus the Jaguars of course). So don't make an assumption that just because a car is big, it is great. Quite the opposite can be said about your 82 4100dfi DeVille.

2nd Aug 2002, 19:09

I have owned about 65 Cadillacs during the past 23 years. I bought my first one, a 1973 Eldorado in 1979 when I was 16. My love for Cadillacs began when I was 4 years old, when my Grandmother bought a 1962 Fleetwood Sixty Special, talk about a regal automobile! After that I was hooked and I swore I'd own a Cadillac when I grew up. Keep your Mercedes, Jaguars, and all the rest, I'll take a Cadillac any day!

9th Oct 2002, 00:39

HATED Caddies when I was growing up. We were a Jaguar family and those American Cars were so "vulgar".

Bought a white-on-white 1983 Coupe de Ville from Nevada 3 years ago and I'm hooked. Love the 18 feet. Love the fins. Love the hood eating up the road. Love the doors alone being longer, wider and taller than my Plymouth. Love the power everything. Love how the interior matches (something Jag could never get right). Love my trunk big enough for my two Dalmatians to jump in while I'm unloading the groceries. Love how I can take 5 people along for the ride. Love the hood ornament. Love the gobs of chrome. Love how it starts each and every day. Love the stares.

I never want the American rear-wheel-drive V-8 to die. There will never be anything as good ever in all God's creation. It has character and soul that Japan will never understand.

I am hooked. Now I need a compact front-wheel-drive car for the winter, but I can't find anything big enough to get into with a full-length fur coat. Thinking now of adding another to my Cadillac collection. A compact front-wheel-drive Eldorado!

Cadillac Chrissy.

P.S. Correction on earlier comment above - Jaguar was never a lightweight car - always a heavyweight in size and power -- and, no, Jag sedans don't lean into corners - they just plow right through them. Way too much fun to drive a hot V-12 at 130 mph straight down the highway in a tight skirt and 4-inch heels, but they're a car for mechanics not drivers.

Sorry Coventry, I'm a Cadillac Chrissy now.

13th Jan 2003, 12:09

I have to agree with Jack. You do have to wait on me to get to a party, because eveyine is rolling in the Caddy. I have owned 6 Cadillacs and I am only 20 years old. I don't like foreign cars because they cost so much to keep up and hard to fix. I don't really have a particular hate for foreign cars. All I'm saying is, noone can ever get me to dislike Cadillacs.

7th Mar 2003, 19:31

I also love my caddy 83 coupe. its the nicest car I have owned. And its only going to look better with the plans I have for her. Candy paint, Dayton 14x7rev, skinny whites, sallite radio, and an air ride system.42000 miles on O.D.I WON it on a Dallas Cowboys game. ALANIZ80@MSNhotmail.

17th Apr 2003, 10:07

The 4.1 liter engine pushed roughly only 140-160 horsepower. The later 4.5 and 4.9 liter engines the late 80's caddy's had pushed 180-and 200 respectably. The 80's engines are NOTORIOUS around shops for their underpowering...

20th Nov 2003, 01:58

Well the ol' eight deuce is on it's last leg. I wrote the original review shortly after obtaining the car in 2001. It gave me 2 solid years of service, but I recently blew the head gasket by pushing it up to a less than impressive 97 mph. It still runs, but obviously that will not be the case long. The HT4100 V8 is rated at 125 horses and 190 lb/ft of torque. My Deville's 0-60 is too slow to discuss with a straight face, but i'll say it was over 20 seconds, way over 20 seconds. The fuel mileage of the HT4100 is fantastic though in it's defense. But it isn't about speed, the car is about a smooth ride and a solid full size feel. Though as big as I thought the Deville was her new stablemate has humbled her. While driving the other day I realized how minuscule the hood is in comparison to my 79 Continental. Tragically I recently bought new tires for the Cadillac also, but it won't be wearing the tread out on them.

19th Apr 2004, 18:23

Time will tell what I think of my 82 DeVille. Many OLDS 98's, but my first caddy, hope all goes well, Love the comments. Thanks, rust is the color in michigan.

25th Feb 2005, 18:28

I just bought my 2nd Deville 3 weeks ago for 650.00. Amazingly enough everything electrical works now. Just took a little TLC and some general no-how. just learned how to do diagnostics also and am amazed at how easy it really was. And that to went well for me. Only 2 simple problems. Haven't driven it to much on the highway, but so far great mileage, and as others have claimed, I love the luxury and having a big car wrapped around me. My 1st Caddy was a 64 Coupe and I was hooked. Mine has 153,000 miles on it.

2nd Mar 2006, 15:20

The 4.9 V8 wasn't put into cadillacs until 1991, Its not sluggish, I have the 4.9 in my Caddi deville (92) and I have never lost a challenge, plenty of power, loads of torque, easily passing on the highway at 85+. & pretty quick of the line.

26th Nov 2009, 13:13

Regarding your misfortune:

The HT4100 V8 - I recently blew the head gasket by pushing it up to a less than impressive 97 mph.

Before you junk the car, I would suggest you look into having an Oldsmobile 307 V8 installed, if you can find one in the junkyard. The 307 is a fantastic, smooth, durable, and reliable engine. I think it bolts right in to this kind of Cadillac, so I'll say for $1,000 at the most you could be back on the road.