10th Dec 2003, 13:58

The oil usage is excessive even by the one litre per 1000 mile measurement as this would be almost 2 litres use per 1000 miles. I'm not sure what the other commenter was thinking. Maybe he got mixed up & thought a litre was larger than a quart. You are really getting a run around if they told you the only way to check for a bad engine was to tear it apart. Common tests will tell you almost exactly what the problem is before having to tear it apart and any good fair mechanic would tell you this. Perhaps you need to consider pressing the dealership through the BBB, a consumer group, state or local legal office, etc. Arm yourself with the facts.

6th Jan 2005, 06:33

I recently had a problem of coolant loss with my 1997 Cadillac (4.6 Northstar engine). The Cadillac dealer did a poor job in analyzing the problem, or ignored telling me there has been a problem with the head bolts for sometime. They charged me for a radiator which in all likelihood was never replaced. However, they ignored providing information regarding experiences with the 4.6 L Northstar. Another dealer told me of the problem which they had been aware of for sometime. An individual certified repair shop verified the head problem due to head bolts failing. Cadillac Customer Service ignored my complaint and basically ignore the problem they are aware of. This is what prompted me to explore the internet regarding this problem.

12th Jan 2005, 12:39

You cannot make judgment of a manufacturer when buying a used car. Who knows what the previous owner did to the car to maintain it (or abuse it)? I purchased my '98 deVille when it had 91,000 miles on it in June of 2003 and it has 114,000 miles on it now. Yes, it uses a little oil, but not nearly the amount you are claiming. My point is that your derogatory comments need to be aimed at the previous owner, not the manufacturer. The deVille (and Northstar engine) makes for a reliable automobile and that is why I bought one with so many miles. I plan to drive it to 200,000 miles as I have with my other GM cars. Cadillac's quality is as good as any other luxury car. Tim, PA.

22nd Feb 2005, 21:26

I also have a 1997 Deville D'elegance that I have had for two years now; got it at 61,000 miles. The car looked and performed perfectly until last year this time. I had a complete tune-up and oil change done and then took it on a road trip (approximately 800 miles). I checked the oil at the end of trip and it was extremely low. From that time until the present I put at least 3 quarts of oil in the car between changes. Someone suggested it was because I switched from regular to synthetic oil, but this did not seem to have an adverse effect in my other cars. When I checked with the Alldata website it appears that this is not an uncommon complaint for this car. I don't have extended warranty on this car and it looks like it will cost me upwards of $500 to have the engine taken apart and "cleaned". I won't say that I won't ever get another Cadillac again, because I enjoy the car. However, this problem is going to make me do a considerable amount of homework before I purchase.

1st Sep 2005, 13:31

The possibility exists that there is a problem with the PCV valve operation. Suggest that the PCV valve be checked by part number to be sure it is the correct one. Then, just to be sure, purchase and install a new PCV valve.

After doing the above, suggest that you have the computer (Engine Control Module) scanned for trouble codes. If none are found, suggest the ECM itself be removed and tested.

It seems to me to be likely that the excess oil consumption is due to the ECM/PCV/EGR combined functions, and not wear of the rings, at the stated mileage. Tom White.

22nd Nov 2005, 09:37

I agree with another who said if buying used, one needs to complain about the previous owner...

I have had to repair or replace several typical things that go bad in all cars. Power steering pump, fuel pump, brakes only once in four years. Whoever had to replace them so often must be buying cheap crap. Otherwise its been a dream.

I got it with about 54,000 miles. For a high compression high power high temperature (200 degrees. Engines back in the 70's used to use 170 or 180 degree thermostats) engine, I do expect some oil consumption.

I did have to get a transmission rebuilt, but I blame the previous owner and their shady trans mechanic.

Never had to put more than a quart between changes. At 102,000 miles it's still going strong.

28th Nov 2005, 13:31

Gentlemen, forget about all this,Cadillac, GMC, etc.just buy a Japanese car. I know is not exactly patriotic, but I'm telling you, they are going strong without any problems. My Toyota 1993 has 212k miles no oil burning nothing changed since was new!

4th Dec 2005, 21:47

'97 Cadillac De Ville (Concours, 300HP) with oil consumption problem. My Northstar powered Caddy used to drip a tiny amount of oil due to common oil seal failure. I had that fixed just after the warranty expired, but still at only 39,000 miles (Grrr). Since then I have had to bring the car back every few hundred miles, and always for something different. Now, at 42,500 miles this car is "losing somehow" a quart every 500 miles. It doesn't drip any, and I don't see any smoke exiting out the back. My A/C compressor failed next, then the engine mounts failed, the water pump failed right after that, and a few other things all since the repair at 39K (less than a year ago). Makes ya' kind of wonder doesn't it???

I've noticed a drop of 4-6 MPG in highway driving lately too. Also, sometimes the trunk refuses to open. The remote, the push button and the trunk key all have no effect. Starting/moving shutting off/restarting and then pushing the trunk button will work though.

As for my feelings about the Northstar engine... I really wanted to keep this car for sentimental reasons. It has been serviced at regular intervals by the dealer since new, and has never been abused or wrecked. I'm about $8,000, out-of-pocket, spent since the oil seals were replaced; and am thinking I've learned my lesson about owning another Cadillac too. It's a shame since the Japanese won't build really big, roomy, powerful cars like this. Japanese cars, like my son's Nissan, are too fragile, too narrow, and don't fit large and extra large American adults very comfortably.

Cadillac take note: If your hot new 400 horsepower, Chevrolet-Corvette powered CTS IV had an automatic transmission option you could sell them by the truckload!

Skip Wilson

16th Dec 2005, 13:42

We've had about 6 sevilles and devilles ranging from 1995 - 2004 in the last year and all of them have oil consumption problems. Everytime we put gas we have to add a 1/2 - 1 quart of oil. If we don't the oil light comes on and that's not good... They are CRAP CRAP CRAP... A law suit needs to be filed against GM regarding this.