1985 Cadillac Eldorado Barritz V8 4.1 DFI from North America


Good for the collector, not the teenage speed-demon


Transmission has developed a "lope" in 1st gear OR the 1st gear is too long. Very slow to accelerate, when rapidly accelerating engine stalls.

Numerous dime to hand size rust spots. The car doors (passenger and driver) are both sagging approx. 1.6" and the windows can no longer match the weatherstripping.

Headliner had to be replaced because of sagging and minor rot. Seats are cracking, driver side especially. Replaced alternator 2 times since I got it.

Carpet wears easily, especially near gas and brake pedals.

The darn radio has gone out once and was replaced, now the cassetteplayer doesn't work.

Speakers (6 piece Bose System) are damaged, door speakers are only putting out high-end hiss.

Outside vinyl rear roof cracks easily.

General Comments:

I'm sure in it's day, this car WAS a luxury vehicle, it's a Caddy! But these Cadillacs don't seem to stand the test of time. This car was originally owned by an elderly relative and driven easily and taken care of. Then my father got the car, drove it every day 60 miles or so and took good care of it. That's when it began breaking down. Now I have the car, my second car. I'm selling this old car. I can respect these soon to be classics, but I need a quick, agile car-NOT a tank-like monster.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2005

1985 Cadillac Eldorado HT4100 from North America


Unsafe at any speed, unpredictable at any moment


Upon purchasing the car for fifty dollars, the blower motor quit working, everything else electrical went shortly thereafter.

The previous owner had rebuilt the venerable 250 C.I. engine after it spun a bearing. about 500 miles after I purchased it, the engine started knocking badly.

As a testament to it's reliability, I drove the car to school, work, and around town with a spun bearing for about two months, and about 500 miles on a spun bearing. The downside was that the car had a top speed of about 35 M.P.H down a hill.

The engine always started hot or cold, although it took about 10 seconds of cranking to fire, hot or cold! As the caveman-primitive digital fuel injection on this motor was rather poor.

I did not own the car long enough for the transmission to go out, but it showed no signs of slipping or failing while I owned it, so no problems there.

General Comments:

The seats in this car are simply amazing. I have yet to drive or ride in a more comfortable car.

The car handles like an English galleon, and the wheel makes four turns lock to lock... perfect for cruising.

The anemic V-8 which displaces that of some V-6's is equally perfect for cruising, even with a knock that you have to yell over.

What more could an 18 year old want?

Bottom line; A Good buy for $50.00, but avoid any long term investments, and especially the 4.1 V-8.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2005

15th May 2006, 06:42

What did you expect for fifty bucks? I just bought an 85 El Dorado for $800. It has 143,000 miles on it, but it drives great. It was taken care of for twenty one years. The exterior needs some work, but the interior is OK the headliner sags and sunroof doesn't open and the visors won't stay up, but the fully adjustable leather seats and very comfortable (so my friend's tell me) back seats make up for that. I love the car and can't wait to start to get it looking good again because after all it is a Cadillac.

1985 Cadillac Eldorado Biaritz 4.1 from North America


Classy collectible!


This car had a few problem passing state emissions, even after Cadillac dealer gave it a good blow out after sitting in someones garage for a year. It finally passed on its third try. I think the state will vote to get rid of these facilities soon.

General Comments:

This Eldorado is in almost new condition, the proverbial little old woman from Pasadena owned this car till her husband passed. She babied it and had all service record from new. It had a new engine installed by Cadillac at almost 100000 miles at a cost of almost $5000.00.This car may not be the first of the starting line but it will turn heads wherever it goes even Cadillac mechanic's are amazed.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2004