1991 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe 4.9 from North America



General Comments:

Previously owning a 1993 Cadillac Deville made me fall in love with the brand of this era with the 4.9 engine. Sold my Deville (reluctantly) for other reasons, and then had to get back into a 4.9 Cadillac and decided to go a little sportier.

First off, I have a Touring Coupe. They are rare for this year. The larger wheels and tires, slightly firmer suspension, quicker steering and higher final drive, make it a different ride from a base Eldorado, and in a great way.

This car is amazing on the highway. It has an extremely stable feel at highways speeds, and the car effortlessly cruises at average highways speeds as well, thanks to the gobs of torque from the 4.9 and 4 speed OD. It hits OD, and at 65 it seems like this car is doing just above double the idle speed to roll along on the highway. Excellent engineering.

The Eldo's wheelbase is just 2 inches shorter than a Sedan Deville of the same year, and is just as wide, but much shorter overall length, and its track width just plants it firmly on the highway.

Lower city driving speeds and the accompanying bumpier roads will not give you the feel of driving in your living room like a Deville... BUT it's still very comfortable and distinctively Cadillac.

I love the looks. Mine is customized with a Landau roof that was not a factory option on the Touring Coupe option... Its lower wide stance and shorter length really make it look brawny and elegant at the same time. The extra body treatments of the Touring Coupe with 16 inch wheels and wide tires, add to the look as well with dual exhaust outlets.

Comfortable interior as expected in a Caddy, and I love the solid feel of the doors when you shut them; they are like a safe!

One word of advice, KNOW these cars well and you enjoy them more. Sometimes you hear complaints that these cars are costly to maintain and it's not necessarily true. Study these cars and know them well, and even if you cannot repair them yourself, arm yourself with knowledge and don't ask a mechanic what's wrong, TELL him! But that's not exclusive to owning a Cadillac. Cadillacs feature easy access to diagnostic codes without an outboard scanner.

But keep in mind, these cars are very reliable and tend to have been well cared for, what with their high initial purchase price. After this many years, if you can find one that has not changed hands often, you are better off.

Love this car!

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Review Date: 14th October, 2014

14th Oct 2014, 14:56

No Northstar = no Cadillac.

14th Oct 2014, 19:36

...Forgot to add. This car gets lots of positive attention. Its color (Crimson Red) combined with the Beechwood (Tan) interior, gold badging and gold Landau top, along with the bigger wheel and tire setup (factory), and ground effects that come with the Touring Coupe, make it stand out.

It looks brawny at some angles, like a luxury/muscle car, and the comments come from young/old, male and female.

It's nice to have a well engineered, cool looking example of a classic American made Cadillac. I'm proud to own it.

I have to credit the previous owner (I am the second) for not driving it in snow or salt... I have continued that habit, and do not drive it in rain either.

1991 Cadillac Eldorado 4.9 Liter V8 from North America


Perfect car


Power antenna.


General Comments:

This is the best car ever.

I have had the car for a long time, and I have replaced only the power antenna and 4 new tires.

It was a Florida car, and had never seen winter until 2006 when I bought it. I kept it out of the salt, and it stays in the warm garage all year, and since April of 2009, it has been sitting in the garage, but I hope to start driving it again in the spring of 2011. I quit driving it because of having to take care of ill family members, so I didn't have time to mess with the car.

This Cadillac gets good gas mileage, and it is very reliable and will start in the garage after 3 months of sitting, even without the battery being charged. Repairs for these cars are very expensive, but like I said, they are very reliable and ride excellent.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2011