1991 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 4.9 MPFI from North America


Not Bad, Wouldn't get another, BUY JAPANESE!!!



EGR Valve.

AC Compressor.

Upper Tranny hose leaks.

Pax side CV Joint boot split.

Cat Convertor disintegrated.

Rotors warped, shakes like a two dollar hooker when you brake.

Radio (BOSE) doesn't work.

General Comments:

When I first bought this car (used) it ran pretty well. I expected it to have problems (hence the word used) so I knew I would have to put some cash into it.

I don't mind the little problems, but it's the big ones that bug me.

The engine began rattling (pinging, detonation) after 1000 miles of driving and I've replaced everything except the EGR valve (due to be installed this Friday, wood knocked, fingers crossed, hope that fixes it).

Gas mileage isn't bad for a V8 but the small tank doesn't allow you to drive far. I filled up 3 times on a six hour trip at an average 75MPH and 22 MPG. THAT SUCKED!

Overall I like it cause it looks good on me WHEN IT'S NOT BROKE...

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Review Date: 1st December, 2004

7th Dec 2004, 16:33

Excuse me, you bought a 13 year old car with over 100K miles, you should have expected to have to make some repairs, and not just by replacing parts until you hit on the one causing the problem. If that is what your mechanic is doing, find a new one!

And why did you not find out how many gallons the gas tank held BEFORE you bought it, if that is so important?

1991 Cadillac Eldorado 4.9 from North America


Beautiful, flashy, broken down


Engine Oil Leaks- Everywhere.

Water Pump.



Power Sunroof Stuck Open.

ABS Failure.

Air Conditioning Failure.

Power Seat Stuck in awkward position.

Some misc. engine sensors- don't remember what ones.

Cheap plastic vent ducts replaced.

General Comments:

I have learned all about Cadillacs the hard way- having owned two and also having talked with other owners while they idle away their lives in the service dept. lounge. These cars are fun to drive and have lots of power--however if you use it you will blow the doors off the car in a short amount of time-- if you love Cadillacs get a new one--never, never, never get used- you will get hosed. Also, LEASE it because the depreciation on a Cadillac is murder. Try selling a used one and you will know what I mean- the old people that buy these don't have any interest in your 'gem' your praying to sell! Also, if you lease you can go dump it back on the dealers lot after 3yrs. These cars are so crammed with space age technology and there are so many flimsy plastic (and expensive) parts that you will need to get a second job.

I sold mine as a 'rebuildable wreck' on account of the blown transmission- it was for sale when the tranny blew- but picky old people wouldn't buy it because it had 70K on it... I have noticed that Cadillac owners want to like their cars and make a lot of excuses about the repairs- it may even give the old folks something to do- you know? spending the day at the dealer might be better than sitting at home bored. I like American cars and am not some picky Toyota owner slamming GM, if you have lots of money, time and patience and you really gotta do it to yourself then go get one of your very own...

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2004