11th Feb 2020, 20:33

The Cadillac family of engines from the 70s (472, 500, 425) were reliable. So you have nothing to be afraid of there. My question is why would you want to daily drive one the distances you mention? With the price of gas and the mileage those power plants get to the gallon, you will go broke.

12th Feb 2020, 14:23

Maybe he has a nice job.

5th Apr 2020, 16:36

A 70's Caddy would be a nice toy to have, but it's probably not a good idea to try to daily drive anything from the 70's these days unless you can tolerate breaking down. These cars are 40+ years old now, so everything that can go wrong - will go wrong.

6th Apr 2020, 18:24

I have a friend with a 1974 Cadillac Eldorado. Even though it was well taken care of and has had the engine, transmission and drivetrain overhauled, it's not exactly the most reliable car. The issue is that these came with a LOT of luxury features, and in his experience these are constantly having issues. The worst part is that during that period the "ingenious" idea was to simply hide all of the gauges and instead have a big bank of "Idiot lights" that are supposed to come on if there is an issue. That system is an intricate system of sensors and it's hardly reliable. In fact early on the car overheated because the sensor for that light failed and he was totally unaware that the thermostat had failed. That and yeah - the huge engines in these things just guzzle gas. In that he's lucky to get 9 MPG on the freeway.

7th Apr 2020, 00:04

You need a stake in a refinery to drive one.

8th Apr 2020, 01:00

Tell your friend when he turns the key to the "on" position, all dash warning lights briefly come on. If there are any that don't, then you know there is a sensor problem or even a bulb could be out.

29th Jul 2021, 17:48

I have found a 1974 Eldorado convertible with 67000 miles I’m considering buying. Asking price $15500. I will take it to my mechanic first. Everything seems to work, interior in great shape. Paint is peeling on the trunk but I see no rust anywhere. The car in recent years has only been summer driven. Any thoughts what I should look out for?

30th Jul 2021, 02:26

Make sure all the front suspension parts are in good order. These cars have a lot of weight up front being FWD.