8th Mar 2006, 11:38

Yes I said in my statement that I replaced the engine. I replaced the 368 or something like that I can't remember now, and put in a 350 small block.

10th Mar 2006, 18:37

That's a hella sweet car. God I loved riding in those things they seem to last forever if you take care of em. Usually do pretty good on gas 18-22 mpg. I used to have a really nice dark blue Eldo just like the 79-85 body style I loved that car. I had to sell it later on down the road to purchase a truck after switching jobs, man I wish I still had it.

Later, Bill.

9th Apr 2006, 10:46

The 79 Eldorado did come standard with a 350 small block, but fuel injection was an option. I also used to have a 83 Eldorado with the 4100 series aluminum v8. It was a nice car, but I sold it to a co-worker who let his daughters drive it the next day. Lucky for them that they drove the Eldorado instead of their Ford Aspire. While turning off their street they were hit by a large moving van. They were OK, but I will never get my Eldorado back. I miss that car.

10th Apr 2006, 14:26

I owned a 79 two toned blue Eldorado from 1987 to 1994. Mine had the 350 fuel injected engine. It was a beautiful car when I bought it. Although eight years old, people thought it was a new car. It needed quite a bit of work during the time I had it; however, I did most of the work myself, water pump, starter, brakes and calipers, etc. Mostly just maintenance items. It had 118,000 miles when I sold it for $ 500, running beautifully.

The guy that bought it repaired the badly rusted body, repainted it a dark blue and resold it. He was asking $1500 in the paper.

A really great car.

19th Oct 2007, 20:46

I recently obtained a 79 Eldorado also it's a great car it has a 350 engine and a hydromatic 325 trans in it I'd love car if it weren't an automatic, if it weren't front wheel drive, and if the instrument panel had a tachometer, but it's still a great car.

I haven't actually started it yet because it still needs some repairs. some of problems I've ran into so far are these.

The rear brake lines were rotted out.

The main seal one transmission is leaking.

The struts on the hood and the trunk are shot.

Pads and rotors need to be replaced.

The fuel pump sensor rotted off.

The emergency brake seized up.

Before me the car was owned by my grandfather and he had some problems with it to, but most were minor wear and tear issue, but one that wasn't was the the crank shaft snapped itself in half, but it didn't cause and major damage to the engine or trans luckily.

Another issue was that in the rear drivers side area of the car is starting to rot underneath its not bad yet and is definitely salvageable, but the front end of the car is like brand new still and has almost no signs of where.

6th Mar 2009, 00:19

My parents have a 1981 Cadillac Eldorado that is mint! Yellow with yellow leather interior... the car always sits inside.. but it has the 350 Olds diesel... always is a problem on cold nights if you go out in the cold.. be aware!

19th Jul 2009, 00:19

I just got a 1979 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe.

I'm not sure what the engine size is. I'm actually thinking it's a 350 small block, and I know it's fuel injected, but all the tags are gone so it really doesn't give me much information about the vehicle. I bought it for 400 and it runs, so if anyone knows exactly what kind of engine it is, please email me at danielmungia@hotmail.com

5th Jan 2014, 15:48

That is the original engine. 350 Oldsmobile engine.

19th Apr 2016, 23:36

The 1979 Eldorado came with an Old's 350, port fuel injection; in fact all were fuel injected, throttle body on 80 through 85. The 80 was a Cadillac 368 throttle body.

25th Jul 2018, 01:14

Yeah, mine came with a 350; maybe someone before your buddy had it got it from the dealer like that? Different package ya know.

18th Nov 2019, 20:13

I just bought a sweet 1979 Eldorado Biarritz, 37,000 miles, triple yellow. Near mint condition. Seems to have a short in the auto dimming headlights, with rapid cycling between regular and high beam, and I’m not able to turn off high beams when that happens. Has anyone else experienced this?

19th Nov 2019, 23:00

The 79 Eldo was a sad excuse for a Cadillac.

20th Nov 2019, 21:50

If you say so... Personally my thoughts would be the 86-91 Eldorado are described as sad.

79-85 were pretty nice looking cars. Just stay away from 82-85 due to the horrendous HT 4100.

21st Nov 2019, 01:23

23:00 Explain that in detail please.

21st Nov 2019, 02:26

I'll say the 86-91s were the sad ones. They were too small and the dashboard layout was atrocious.

21st Nov 2019, 21:41

All the downsized E body cars from those years were pretty sad. Styling and size for sure, and too many electronic innovations that were unreliable.

22nd Nov 2019, 21:12

My elderly mother in law once bought a new mid 80s Cimarron. A fancy Cavalier. I guess being old she liked the size, but still. What can you say? We didn’t want to hurt her feelings. A real low point for Cadillac.