6th Jul 2007, 22:53

Easy with the sour grapes. The Escalade has steadily pulled away from the Chevy with every edition and is far and away better now.

26th Dec 2007, 06:35

This comment is in regard to the comments on the initial review. You may want to get your facts straight...!

1. Completely different sheet metal panels all around.

2. Completely different suspension system.

3. List of factory options standard & extra charge far exceeds those of the Chevy, to the point of almost dwarfing the Tahoes.

4. Quality of parts: Interior, Exterior, Mechanical, Drive-train... All far exceed the Chevy. Ex. The 6.0 345hp V8 standard in the 05 Caddy, was never even an available extra charge option on your Tahoe etc... etc... etc!

Finally, as to your comment regarding the Cadillac crest, I do have to agree... It does have the appearence of a much higher class vehicle.

Tahoe: little brother. Yukon: Maturing older brother. ESCALADE: Mature & Wise Father of the HOUSE.

2nd Jan 2008, 19:51

Indeed. I second that.

22nd May 2008, 15:02

Those Escalades aren't that much different from their siblings. They all come out of the Arlington TX GM truck plant and many parts are interchangeable including dashboards, door panels, engines, transmissions, etc..etc. The Chevy 6.0 liter engine was available on Chevy Silverados before it made it's way to the Cadillac and the 6.0 engine could be had in 05 Tahoes as the Vortec MAXX option. The 99-00 and 07-08 Escalades even look like overglorified Tahoes and Yukons. Escalade always has and always be a vehicle used for hype and never a real Cadillac. If you want a real Cadillac you'll have to go back to the 92 Brougham that's the last real Cadillac.

14th Oct 2018, 14:15

There’s others like Toyota vs Lexus. Honda vs Acura. Either one would get you A to B. Or paying over 4K more for a better leather dash and added leather door panels on a GM. More luxury. True, you could buy a base vehicle for less, but over the life of ownership, it’s nice. Like having power running boards, better electronics etc.