1967 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special 7.0L V8 from North America


One of the most comfortable and reliable cars made, NOT a performance machine


Various rubber bushings had deteriorated, but this is to be expected after 35 years.

Steering gear needed lash adjustment.

Brakes needed complete overhaul: This was a domino effect situation caused by the previous owner not changing brake fluid in 35 years. The fluid had absorbed lots of water over time and turned into chocolate milk. This caused fluid to leak out of some of the wheel cylinders and get all over the shoes which I had to replace. Additionally I replaced the master cylinder because after inspection I didn't like the condition it was in due to corrosion. I then flushed out all the fluid and replaced it with Silicon DOT 5 so this doesn't happen in the future. The old fluid actually had "chunks" in it, I've never seen it that bad.

The replacement parts were easy to find and actually cheap as well, especially when compared with modern cars. I would recommend, however, only replacing parts with originals or exact reproductions including shocks and tires because these are the only parts that really work properly and last. The original engineers knew what they were doing, don't try to second-guess them.

General Comments:

Cadillac sure knew how to make cars back then. I use this for daily transportation along with my BMW motorcycle. The bike saves gas and then the car consumes it, it's a pretty nice balance. For the 60's this car actually got good gas mileage (~14mpg) of course by today's standards it's abysmal. I figure this is no worse than your average suburban-toting mom. The only problems I've had are due to improper care by the former owner, other than that the car is utterly reliable and durable. It will also surprise you with how fast it is. The two things I would fault the car on is steering/handling and braking, while good for the 60's this again doesn't stand the test of time. I drive pretty slow however and this doesn't really effect me. What does make a difference is the overall quality and level of comfort with which the car was built.

An absolute must when owning this car is a factory shop manual, fairly easy to find and worth its weight in gold.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2002

21st Jan 2004, 11:56

I also have a 1967 Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan. I bought it in 2000 with 81,000 miles on it, all original paint, interior, drive train, the works, for $1,600. I drove it home that day and every day for the next two years, while fixing little things along the way (tires, shocks, exhaust, hoses, belts, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, filters, fluids). After driving it for some time, I did have to replace the radiator and water pump, and had to replace the POA-STV and the Expansion Valve on the A/C system. The car now has 91,000 miles on it and is not my daily driver, but rests in my heated garage for the winter months, then pleasure use in the summer. I have the engine sparkling clean, but it does drip oil and transmission fluid underneath. Talk about power, the 429 cu. in. engine is powerful and quick off the line. I give guys in their Chevelle SS's a run with my big Caddy. It really turns heads, no matter where I go. Stangers walk up to me in parking lots and ask if it's for sale. This car could still be my daily driver if I chose to drive it that way, it's an amazing auto for a 37 year old car.