27th Jul 2004, 15:54

I own a magnificent and lovely 67 Fleetwood 60-S Brougham, with only 44,000 original miles. It is sleek, absolutely reliable, and draws rave reviews whenever I take it out. I have treated it as a show car only, and therefore have kept the mileage down. It is reliable as a swiss watch, quiet and just amazing. I remain astonished that such an old car can just go, and go, and go when maintained well. It has not required replacement of much at all! Why, oh, Why don't they make Cadillacs like this anymore??? After all these years, everything still works on this machine!

5th Sep 2004, 23:22

My 15 yr old son just bought a black 67 Fleetwood. It has been stored for 17 years and is in fairly good shape. It is missing the 'F' on the right fender and the turn lights in the grille are both broken. Any help would be appreciated. wmeyerok@pldi.net.

15th Jun 2005, 12:21

These cars were built in Cadillac's Golden Age when for overall quality, workmanship, comfort, engineering and performance they could look Rolls and Mercedes in the eye and not blink! Allied to distinctive, elegant, imposing styling Cadillac had some justification for their slogan "Standard of the World". I hope the present management's plans to restore the marque to its former prominence succeed.

21st May 2007, 18:26

Yes I have found my family. I just got my 60 series after selling my first one in 1991 for my wives wedding ring. After so many years of crying and wishing I never sold it, i stumbled across another and this was the one. I sold every toy, car and thing possible. It came from san diego and was in awesome shape. I have taken it from white on white, to black on black.20 inch rims and cut one coil off the front. I know what your thinking, but this car now does justice. I can't go anywhere without people commenting on how awesome the car looks. And the cool thing is that the older people of this cars generation love it. This car will be willed to my kids and never be allowed to be sold. I have owned others, but this truly is my favorite car ever. it is as classic today as it was then and that's what makes this car so cool. Oh yes and I am still married.

9th Jun 2008, 23:08

Hi all of you caddy friends. Here is a good one for you. I bought my 67 back in 1998 from my mom who wanted to use it in a demolition derby. The car was in such good shape that I could not bear to see it go out that way, so I cried so much that they sold it to me for what they paid for it... $300.

My girlfriend at the time threw such a fit and never stopped complaining about me buying it, so down the road she went... the girlfriend that is, but anyway I used this Pretty Lady for a daily driver for 3 years, then she turned up missing on a trip to Mexico, until last year I found her. I cried for a week after seeing how she was abused and left to rot.

Anyway, I got her home, put a little gas in her, and oh baby she fired up, so I set a gas can up, ran a hose to the carb, and she started right up. I was so happy. There was no smoke and no major oil leaks. Now she is setting waiting for me to start the restore.

Oh yeah, got a new girlfriend that thinks this car is it; she just loves the car and cannot wait to go for a ride. This is my baby right next to our new son. Some day it will be his.

3rd Dec 2008, 09:12

Hey Cadillac friends, I've had my 67 Fleetwood since 1999. We actually had it stored in the garage since 1994. Previously my late uncle's car in Ohio, also garaged. I got it with 16,949 miles on it. I was 19 at the time, had a many good memories in it. You have to love them, they take up the road, pollute the air, and of course they are the standard by which all others are judged.

It has been a very good car to me, however a few years ago, several things went bad in it, so it seemed, all at the same time. I have been slowly working on it, trying to get it back on the road again. When I cruise it, she floats down the road, you got love that in a Caddy.

I'm always looking for more 67 caddy parts, if anyone has extra parts, or knows of anyone with extra parts, could you please shoot me an email. (usafreserve1947ang@yahoo.com) it would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy you wonderful rides, they're worth their weight in gold.

11th Jan 2012, 15:09

Excuse me, sir, but: When you say that the 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood got 14 miles per gallon, are you referring to city or highway, or combined gas mileage? Is it 14 MPG city or highway?