1982 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 4.1 liter V8 from North America


Near perfect


There have been very few problems with the car so far, quite simply the only problems are that the original AC unit does not work and has been set up with a control switch under the steering wheel that was installed by the previous owner, and the gas gauge has stopped working entirely.

The original paint-job has chipped in a few places, and the vinyl roof has been cracked and weathered.

General Comments:

Right off the bat the car felt like it was made for me, this car is my first car and it will remain so as long as it continues to run. The handling is smooth and the engine runs smoothly.

The inside of the car is spacious and very comfortable, the original leather interior has remained intact during the duration of my ownership of the vehicle. The trunk space is just as spacious as the cabin.

For being such a large car, the vehicle is surprisingly economical as far as MPG.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2010

1982 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d'elegance 4.1 from North America


Good buy


Ahhhh where to start.

- Window regulator

- Plugs wires

- Throttle body

- Throttle body computer

- Dash loves to crack

- So do the arm rests

- Heater core

- Front bearings

- Brakes

- Valve covers leak like a bloody civ

- Ate three batteries

- Power seats quit

- Rear end is clunky

- Shocks have seen better days

General Comments:

I love this car. I cannot say enough about how this baby rides. Too bad I've had less than good luck with it. I'm actually a mechanic, and replaced everything on my own, but things in a 30 year old car tend to wear out.

I got the car from my grandfather with none of the problems listed above. I drove it for 4 months with 0 problems and then my whole world came crashing down. The car is so slow. I have honestly never driven a slower car, but there's something about being in that car that makes you in no hurry. I enjoy cruising at snail speeds.

The 4100, the notorious Cadillac failure has been all to well to me. She's strong as an ox. Boasting an impressive compression test reading of 165psi per cylinder, she's almost brand new.

All in all, if your getting a Cadillac, Do not get the V4V6V8 version of the 4100. Make sure that engine stays cool. The engine is aluminum and a metal head gasket is in between. If you let her heat up, she will chew up your block and heads. If you're not a mechanic you'd better have a thick wallet.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2008

20th May 2008, 07:38

I am in Ireland and own a 1982 Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance Coupe 4.100. It's the best car I've ever owned.

11th Jan 2009, 14:20

There was never a V864 version of the HT4100. The V864 came from the 368 cubic inch Cadillac V8 introduced in 1980 and used until 1984. 1981 was the only year the V864 was used in every model. After 1981 it was used only in the factory Fleetwood Limousines. The HT4100 is a totally different Cadillac engine from the ones used in previous years. The V864 is designed like the 368,425,472,and 500 cubic inch Cadillac engines used in previous years. The V864 is far more durable than the HT4100 but it's easier to find parts for the HT4100.

28th Oct 2010, 10:39

I loved my 1982 Fleetwood, the "HT" in HT 4100 stood for high technology and for 1982, they were right. My car did have electrical issues with the engine control though and I can remember stalling at the worst times.

3rd Jun 2012, 01:07

I have the same problem with mine. How did you fix it?