1984 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 4.1 V8 from North America


The peak of luxury


- It had a broken timing chain when I purchased it - $30 in parts and a couple hours later I was driving the most luxurious car I have ever owned.

- Paint was faded- $100 Maaco job and it looked good again. (Triple Black)

- Opera lights didn't work so I replaced em with a pair of DC lookalikes.

General Comments:

- This car did not accelerate at all, but who's in a hurry when your driving a car like this anyhow.

- Highway travel was a dream - like sitting in a lazyboy at home - perfect temperature - cruise - and did I mention it got 24 MPG in a car that could fit a Honda in the trunk!

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Review Date: 18th December, 2008

12th Jan 2014, 22:06

A beautiful car that can't out accelerate a city bus. These just fall apart. Glad I have a Lincoln.

13th Jan 2014, 17:36

Those 84 Lincolns didn't hold up much better. I remember my uncle having an 82 model Lincoln Town Car back in the early 90's. Constant computer and sensor problems, transmission problems, random stalling, fuel injection problems, ignition problems leading to no starts, trunk wouldn't stay open, hood wouldn't stay open, the 130HP 302 was real smooth and real sluggish. All these problems on a low mileage one owner Lincoln that looked mint. By the time it reached 120,000 miles, the 302 developed a nasty bottom end knock. He traded it for an 88 Taurus Wagon. That Taurus was leagues better in quality and reliability than that 82 Lincoln.