1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 5.7 L05 from North America


I'll drive these cars until I die


Radiator, water pump, heater hose replaced.

General Comments:

Sold my previous base Fleetwood with 230000 miles. Still ran strong and used no oil. Being in Wisconsin, the body was giving up. I was also sideswiped by an uninsured driver. I had replaced the cooling system parts on that one at about the same miles as my Brougham. Other parts included a starter and intake manifold gasket. Brake lines and power steering lines rotted out. Car was from Illinois, and had seen winter every year. Was tempted to pull the engine and save it. But this seems unnecessary, as I have had many small block Chevy's, and have never had failures.

Was determined to buy a southern car with no rust, but found the Brougham in Indiana. Grama's car. Super clean. Like new underneath.

The Brougham has heated seats, which I like more than I thought I would. Looked only for 93 with L05. Less power, but less problems than the LT1. MPG 23, base got 25. Lower rear end gear. Oil cooler was leaking when I got the Brougham, which helped lower the price. I have since removed it when I replaced the radiator, as it is unnecessary. Base doesn't have one.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2010

1st Jan 2013, 16:12

I agree. I have a '93 Fleetwood Brougham and I'm amazed that my dashboard is not cracked, but my car was garaged all but the last 2 years of its life. The interior is like new in every way, but the exterior has hail damage. :(

The car only has 121K miles, but has some mechanical woes. The engine has a tick at certain RPM/engine temperatures, the car has a "grumble/rumble" sound at highway speeds (I don't know if it's the rear end, low on oil in the axle, or a loose muffler - a shop is going to check the axle differential oil on Friday), it has too much slack (play) in the steering, transmission shifts (other than overdrive) are too firm IMO, and the rear suspension seems to be too stiff for a large luxury car (I was told to remove the rear sway bar for a softer ride, and told it would not cause any driving issues, since many Caprice models don't even have these bars).

I had two engine oil leaks and a transmission leak when I bought the car, one from the oil filter adapter, and two more from the oil/tranny cooler lines.

Also, my check engine light has started coming on at highway speeds.

I was having trouble with my ABS system groaning at low speeds and my traction assist engaging for no reason, but that has seemed to have cured itself.

I also had a HVAC issue - I only had air coming from defroster vents... took it to a Caddy dealer, $102 later it was OK, some vacuum lines had came loose/broke, so they replaced those.

Also, my passenger front window came off of the tracks and there is a rattling sound that has started inside the left rear door panel.

Other than that, it seems like a good car, but for only 121K one owner miles, I would have expected a smoother car with fewer issues than I have. I may sell the car since I recently won a car and I have four other cars. LOL.

26th Jan 2013, 11:18

It sounds like typical issues for a 20 year old vehicle.

I have a 93 Fleetwood Base that I love with some of the same issues as yours.

The play in the steering is a bad fluid restriction valve in the power steering pump. The fix is to replace the power steering pump.

The check engine light can be checked using the climate control panel - just push off and warmer at the same time to access the on-board diagnostics. On my car it was a bad EGR valve that made the check engine light come on.

That cold start clicking and knocking is something all small block Chevy's do - it's usually just piston slap and is not harmful.

The stiff rear suspension is usually a level control system that's not working.

The passenger window just needs a new regulator.

I hope whoever buys your car is mechanically knowledgeable and will take good car of this car. Fleetwoods are getting scarce, and those of us who love and appreciate these fine cars, hate to see them junked out or turned into ghetto donks.

1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham 5.7L TBI from North America


Comfortable. Safe. Powerful


Seat heaters don't work.

General Comments:

Extremely comfortable, great for long trips.

Has some serious get up and go.

Very quiet interior.

Great vanity mirrors in the front and back.

I love the electronic climate control and digital dash.

The tow package gives it extra versatility.

You get a lot of looks from drivers of all ages.

Good gas mileage for a car and engine of its size,; I observed 20mpg through the mountains, 23 on the highway, and 16 in city driving.

Enough room for your entire family and all their luggage.

I just took this car on a 1600-mile round trip to California and back. It never overheated through the mountains with the A/C on and had plenty of passing power. The previous owner was meticulous with his maintenance and everything still works like new (except the seat heaters); the comfortable ride and interior truly make it a living room on wheels. I put six rolling suitcases and a few bags in the trunk with no problem at all.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2010